Wednesday, January 5, 2011


There are three of us and tomorrow we are three weeks!

As I sit here, this is maybe my first "me" moment that I'm taking that is not so full of guilt for not rocking, feeding or changing someone. I'm in our office that used to be where I logged calls to doctors when I was Miss working woman, and now it's my escape to write about the babies, listen to Jack Johnson and to have my first real beer since I've tried and failed all week to actually drink one (Fat Tire - it's been a really, really long time..and this is of course to help my milk :) ) And I can actually understand that these 15 minutes alone will make me a better mom. I'm writing this so I can come back and read this and remind myself of this.

Babies --

They are simply perfect and continue to be such a gift. They are now 38 weeks, gestation. They still sleep most of the day, but seem to want to open those peepers a little more each day. The three of them are so different and each day their personalities come out a little more. When they are fussy, I must say the "5 S's" of the Happiest Baby on the Block really do come in handy to create that "Fourth Trimester". (Still the only book I have read and am glad I did. I always refer to my friend Julie's note to me at my shower..."Don't read too many books, it will mess up your motherly instinct" For someone that is normally annoyingly by the book, this is the best maternal advice I have received to date).

Quinn is very laid back and only cries when soaked with pee (Ok, so often, but a quick fix). We had our first mommy & baby boy day this week when I took him to the Dr. for a yucky green goopy eye. Just a clogged tear duct, thankfully. But this, of course, happened Scotts first day back to work, so Grandma & I couldn't figure out how to get 3 babies in the it was just Quinner and I. (Yes, yes.. the minivan will be here in a few weeks. Nothing like turing 30, having 3 babies and getting a minivan in one year). It was great to have one on one time & can't wait to do this when they are bigger and allowed out in public. We learned at the Dr that he had gained 10 ozs in one week - now up to 5.13! (Gained a lb in 2 1/2 weeks since birth)

Harper is a funny baby. She has such intense eyes on her little face. She looks at her hands when she's awake and will really pump the volume on her cry when she wants to. She eats great and is getting little chipmunk cheeks on her little peanut body. Although she is the littlest, she has the best such when nursing..I think she is the one getting that milk to come in. Everyone that sees her thinks she is like a little porcelain doll.

Gracie Jean is our little sweetheart that wants cuddled on demand. She will cry when she wants held and you just can't help but cuddle her. She has dark features and will really stare at you when her eyes are open. She's a great eater and burper and is porking up too! She is a grunter and will settle down when swaddled and rocked. She is keeping all of her beautiful dark hair and has long eyelashes (thanks to Daddy not Mommy).

Got Milk --

Still giving breast feeding a go. Talk about highs and lows and moments of insanity and complete exhaustion. I love nothing more than giving to them and my milk is surely but slowly going up. However, the middle of the night is scary. The routine during the day is never ending. Nurse, Pump, Feed bottle while pumping after nursing. I hope the Dr. gives the green light for doing just some breast feeding sessions free of formula supplementing after the nursing soon. I am meeting with a lactation consultant again soon too. Just floating..not sinking or swimming.

Hormones & Mama--

Better, but still very much up & down with emotions and exhaustion. Glad to have my multiples group for support. Thank you Heather if you read this! It is nice to have a cheerleader to call. Sometimes God and I have talks about why we got all these three awesome babies at once. I would never ever trade this, but wouldn't have been mad to have Gracie, Harper and Quinn spaced out a bit.. sometimes I want to just stare at one baby and give all my love to one, but I try my best to spread my love and I'm becoming OK with the fact that I alone can't do it all. This does and always will take a village, not just a mommy.

Sleep --

Hmmm.. someday. Working on making sense of hiring a night nanny and working out the extreme costs when Mama isn't working.. I think I could do it alone during the day if I knew I had my nights to sleep every once in awhile. (Sadly Grandma is back to work end of January)

Thankful --

As the day ends and Scott is cuddling the girls and Quinn is content from my feeding and loving on him and my mom is here cleaning bottles & doing laundry, I know we did just enough to get through the day. And my cup is full.

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  1. Hey,'s Gabe. I just got off the phone with your Dad. So Congrats are in order. Your Mom sent me a card about the babies, but I just got it earlier today. We've moved to a new sorry that this is more than a little late.

    Jim told me a bunch, but your blog is awesome and I'm just sort of perusing it.

    I know things are busy; but if you get a second to email or talk, I'd love to hear from you.

    Again, I'm more than a little happy for you.

    (563) 587-0016