Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Fourth, First Pool, First Sleepover...Busy Triplets Are We

You will always remember certain moments of your pregnancy in vivid color. Moments of "the other side". Before you knew the life inside of you. The innocence, the true love of someone you've never met and the power of life managing your body in every way possible. And then once they are here, you can look back at those moments, being reminded of the pure mystery and magic of it all, and be in awe of the journey from then to now. Unwrapping the gift over and over again.

The 4th of July is one of those moments for me.

Last July, I remember being pregnant while shopping at Janie & Jack's post 4th of July sale. I wanted to buy those marked down red white & blue outfits so badly for the next year..trying to guess what life would be like for us in a year. I remember holding the clothes and just staring while feeling my belly trying to figure out what will these babies look like!?? How is there room in there for them? How early will they come? Will they be tiny? Healthy? Look like me? Wanting to know so badly what it would be like to hold THEM in these little outfits.  But really not wanting them out of my belly for a long,long time.

The babies would be, mmmm - probably in 3 month sized clothing since they would, of course, be so premie. Would they be sitting up? Would they be full of personality? What will we do with our new family on such a fun holiday? Would we even need cute outfits..would we be stuck at home??


Not 3 month sized clothing - 6,12 & 18 month sized clothing. Yes, sitting up. FULL of personality. And yes, of course we needed cute outfits... :)

Happy 4th of July 2011!! Those smiles are our fireworks!

Harper - our little Yankee Doodle I Am Dandy and I want to "walk" 

And - yes, we are sitting up to answer my last year's curiosity...but we are also bonking heads if left alone too long! This picture is a great reflection of personalities...

AND ... 1st dip in the kiddy pool. Three kiddies. One pool.

Gracie is our fish! One of the happiest I've ever seen her! She giggled, kicked and jabbered "this is the life!"

Quinn was wondering 3 things, 1) Why is yet another communal item pink? 2) Can we please get this water warmed up 3) Scratch that, just get me out.

Harper liked, not loved the pool the 1st time. But looked darn cute doing it. 

Gracie was needless to say in love with whole experience..Pool. Look up at trees. Pool. Look up at trees...repeat.

Time together on the 4th as a family...


And finally - our first separation of the pack. Harps had her 1st sleepover at her friend Grayson's house. She loved it and keeps asking to go back :) And Q& G enjoyed on demand everything with mom and dad all to themselves during her stay.
Harper and her overnight bag with Grayson ready to play!

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