Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nine Months

We are Nine Months and on the Move !!!
Attempt 1 ... 

Attempt 2...we give!!
On our 9 month birthday we weighed in at
Quinn Scott 25 lbs
Harper Jo 17.5
Gracie Jean 23.8
Ok more like nine and a half months by the time I'm getting around to posting this (you know, I thought I was tired when they were 4 months....)

They are entering the " I want to do what I want to do" stage and sometimes it makes me proud and sometimes it makes me cry. I want to bottle my babies as they drift toward toddler hood...when they layed around all day, I wanted them to sit up. When they sat up, I wanted them to crawl. When they crawled I wanted them to pull up. When they pulled up, I wanted them to balance and stand.

And now - as they want to so badly to stand, get from here to there and make their own decisions as I chase them around -- I just want them to lay there and cuddle me and be little!

Oh being a mother...


What is going on around here??

Lots of exploring! Crawling and pulling up. Standing and lots of jabbering! AHHHHHH!!!! HIIIIII! We have babies that really like to just let that yelling rip...did we bypass those cute starts to words?? Every once in awhile I get the sweetest and cutest "Ba" or "Da" ... but really...its mostly practicing AHHH and Hiiii (with the cutest waving I've ever seen).

A total awareness of self and surroundings. Take new environments in and stare at strangers. So interesting to see who they trust/love off the bat...and who they just stare at, slightly petrified. (I'm usually doing the same). That reaching for mama or dada....just melt me now. I know they say you can spoil at this age. But come on, they shared a womb. Can they really ever be spoiled?

Eating is fun and new and sometimes makes me wonder what happened to my babies that just laid bundled up in a swaddle eating a bottle. Now they are picking up whatever we feed them with those sweet, sticky fat fingers. Still supplementing with purees. Love puffs and yogurt bites. Still get 4 - 8 oz bottles...and I thought I would never say the days start to approach to wean bottles...I get sad :( In fact, I was reading a Gymboree book on age appropriate activities today and it said "this is the beginning of the 'let me do it' stage" and I literally cried. I'm crying now.

Sleeping - Down to 2 naps (finally!). Thought they would be taking 3 naps in college. (well, they probably will). Still 10-12 hrs at night...a certain boy has been up jabbering sometimes with a time that starts with a 5! (Gasp) However, I can do anything now that I have my trusty confidant, the Keurig Coffee Maker. Seriously, this thing should be on baby registries.

What we like to do -- listen to music and crawl everywhere when we get up. During the day we hang out and jabber and crawl and push our butt up in the air like a half crawl / half walk type of thing. Love "If You're Happy and You Know It" and working on clapping. Have a sharp memory and always want the exact item taken away and will always remember to go back to the item once mom forgets. We like visitors and like trips to Costco and Target and walks outside every morning!

Quinn Scott -- You continue to be so happy and so funny! You love to laugh and Daddy says if he needs an easy laugh, he can always turn to you. When you laugh it is like fireworks go off! Your eyes sparkle, your mouth opens wide and you giggle like the Pillsbury Dough Boy got really tickled. You are also now crawling with your belly off the floor but if you really want to get somewhere fast, sometimes you forget and do a belly, no belly combo that looks like a normal crawl and then a nosedive tipping into the carpet followed by an emergency belly crawl. You usually want to get to us or after your sister faster than your knees will take you. You certainly have less to say than your sisters but you are waving and saying Hiiiiii and working on short shouts of Bas or Mas. You are the best sleeper and eater and do great with table food - you are like an old pro!! You have 4 teeth with 2 about to pop. Your hair is gorgeous - dark blonde locks! Your sleepy cuddles and cheeks of sugar make our hearts melt!

Gracie Jean -- You are changing so much!!! You got an opinion over the last month and let us know with this little thing called a whine you learned from your sister! You are so playful and giggle and giggle with your brother and sister, especially when they knock something out of your hands or mouth or even knock you over! You still love to wave hiiii and kind of get bye bye now as well. You said DaDa at nine months and you say it with your little tongue sticking all the way out. You have also said Mama and Baba and love to chatter. When I sing to you, you start to sing like a little bird with me. You are now crawling with your belly up and you can motor! It looks like you are in fast forward! You finally just had to catch up with the other 2! You have Eight teeth!! You have to started to bounce up and down in your crib and slide on your knees on the tile. When we come see you in your crib after you've gone to sleep we just can't believe what a big girl you are! You always look so peaceful at night. You still love to be a baby and sometimes we just can't help but cuddle you and rock you to sleep because your rolls of love feel so good!!

Harper Jo --  You are so close to taking steps..scary! You prefer to stand pretty much all day. When we put you down to sleep, you pop up to standing. When we come in to get you from sleeping, there you are, peering over the top, paci in mouth, standing and patiently waiting. If you're not standing and testing out your balance, you are off to the races crawling and leading the pack. You lead Quinn and Gracie all over the house! You love to crawl to vents and the bathroom - yuck! Your giggles are always deep from your belly and your first word was BaBa -- but a very LOUD I want everyone to hear me say BBBBBAAAA BBBAAA. You like to yell little one :) You get so bored at meals and it often results in throwing, screeching and whining and sometimes a deep pitched moan, translating to, get me out of this highchair, now. You also wave and say hi. You also say MaMa and seem to almost know who MaMa is. You are so little but you have no clue. You are confident, have no fear and have the goose eggs to show it. You have 2 teeth and drool like a fountain. As on the go as you are, you still slow down at night for sweet cuddles and singing and we love it and crave it!

Pictures from what happened during our eighth month!!!

Quinn sure knows how to sleep - who cares if your arm is hanging out ? 

This is so fun Grandpa!

We love Grandma 

I'm not that excited about holding food that doesn't go down smooth like a good applesauce 

Egg yolk for the first time on our 9th month birthday!

Of course Quinn loves eggs 

Of course, Harper is bored...
Naked Babies - nothing better! Night night time is the best... 

My sweet cuddler
 MUSIC TIME! We love music - banging drums and shaking bottles filled with black beans to the music!

What's this itchy green stuff? 

Can it get any better? 

I'm trying to like it...

You are so funny, Quinn

I'll take that because I know I can

I'm so tired, I'll just lay on them 

Our first big weekend away for Aunt Kara's wedding - so sad to not tuck you in bed for two nights!

Better Together 

Our new ride. We have a minivan, why not go ahead and get a triple wagon. Nothing says triplet like the choo choo wagon
Nap time, captured...
Sleep ? 

Gracie cuddled in the corner - her favorite spot 

Those cheeks. Oh MY GOODNESS 

The first father and son ball rolling 

I put my hand in my mouth. She puts her hand in her mouth. She's so funny. 

I'm not kidding when I say they lick a lot of things. 

Harper after a full day of play. 

The piano arrives 

Fan Club!

Daddy and his girls 

Behind the couch, Not behind the couch - Do it again, Daddy!

Our first real bow...

And get this bow off me..

Bath Time is fun time when there's Three!

Another shiny thing to look 

Our Family. Our Home. One in the same 

It seems like we see little bums crawling through things - often. It is a fact that little boys can find and detach every doorstop in the house. Girls don't even see the door stops. 

What am I missing?

And we're off - three different directions 

I will pull up this thing, I will 

So good at finding the dirtiest, dustiest corner and returning over and over again

She's pretty cool, I guess 

Shake your booty Harper 

Where did that puff go?

Gracie in concert 

I can so climb this sharp, rough dangerous wall 

Amy  - our first babysitter love...we will miss you and can't wait until you guys get home to visit!
 First trip to the zoo -- looking at fish with Grayson and Lyla...

Without going into detail - Mom learned the hard way...taking three babies to the zoo is not an individual sport... 

See you next month!

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