Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Perfect 10

The best we could do to strike a pose!! This is us at 10 months! (stats from our 9 month appt a few weeks ago)
Quinn Scott - 25.8 lbs  30 1/2 inches
Harper Jo - 18.5 lbs 28 inches
Gracie Jean - 23.12 lbs 29 1/2 inches

TEN MONTHS!! So much action, discovery and newness...

Which leads to high security, at all times in all ways. For an example, here is a sample of a day's activities at the Hackman house: 11 am - I think it's a good idea to take babies upstairs w/ me to fold & put away laundry. 11:03  I'm on the phone with poison control (good idea to have programmed into your cell phone..well, at least for me it is). Why was I chatting with Mrs. Poison Control? Oh, Quinn decided to snack on those little sandy sounding bags that come in new purses, shoe boxes and apparently nesting storage boxes I was letting them enjoy while I folded. Yep the bag that says "DANGEROUS, DO NOT EAT". Good news, it is in fact non-toxic, just a choking hazard. Phew. 11:05 am-  I hear a shrill cry. I look over. Harper has the whole hook of a little plastic Carter's hanger down her throat and she is choking because it is stuck, down her throat. I have to wedge it out and call the Dr, once again. 6 pm - Bath time...Harper is reaching for a toy behind Gracie. Harper face plants. Harper inhales water and is spitting like a fish out of water. Don't forget the naked boy crawling with no diaper that you throw down on the floor...and that other sweet girl still in the bath....and welcome to 10 month old triplets!


Quinn Scott -- 
What happened to my little 4.15 lb baby??? You are SO big and have such toddler-ish features! Big feet (size 6 wide!), long golden locks (should we cut?? NO!) and so tall and big! The only thing keeping you my little baby is your baby root beer belly and chipmunk cheeks. You graduated from your helmet this month. You seem to never forget the no-no spots (everyday you go straight back to the same cabinets and wires) You have finally found a space to fit some "words" in between your sisters jabber - the day you turned 10 months, clear as day, you looked at me as I was passing out puffs and say "mooooeeee" (more- it's what you meant to say,right?) . We were not surprised more would be your first word. The past few days you have been learning what your tongue and mouth can do by practicing daaaa and baaa and maaaaam by making noises and blowing bubbles and letting the drool just pool out with every noise. (hopefully you learn the two are not one in the same??) You are Mr Personality at home, but have been VERY shy out in public and with new people! I finally let you have a blankie to cover up with at night, and you love cuddling with it. You also love books, eating (shocker!) just about anything, swinging at the park, walks and standing and pulling up on anything and everything. You wave your arms for just about everything - clapping, asking for "more" at the highchair and when you are pure excited or pure tired and grumpy :( You just popped your 3rd tooth in the upper middle! You still love cuddles right before naps and night night and I will cuddle you as long as you let me!

Harper Jo -- You are the life of any social situation... especially out of the house. You love new people and new places and have not a shy bone in your body! You somehow, although you are never really around them, LOVE dogs. You laugh and laugh at their tails and want to be in their face. You also love kids and toddlers and laugh just looking at them. You are on the GO and are quick with your crawling and climbing (climbed half way up the stairs before I knew it) and have to be watched all the time! You like being on the ground and eat leaves, rocks or dirt VERY quickly. You are a bit aggressive with toy taking and face touching ... good thing you are the little one :) You are the ultimate hybrid baby. As crazy as you are while being a monkey and exploring the world around you, at times, you are the sweetest, softest little sweet pea. Normally after your morning and night bottle you will just linger on our laps, sing softly and crave cuddles and hugs. You love books and normally want to hold them. You really like to laugh and squeal in the infant swing at the park. You are either standing or crawling during playtime (we say you get up and "go to work" everyday). You LOVE baths and crawl in the bath room ready to jump in. You always want to climb the stairs and can stand on your own for 10-30 seconds...but no real attempts to walk yet! You only have 5 weeks left in your helmet..but we may keep you in longer! The house is usually filled with your voice - either yelling Ahhhh,aaaaa for the whole word to hear or your more toned down sweet ba,ba,ba or ma,ma,ma with your little bird mouth moving. Music to our ears and couldn't imagine life without your voice in this world!

Gracie Jean -- You continue to change and grow right before our eyes! This picture says it all - you are so happy everyday and when we get you in the morning you wave and jump up and down! You make us laugh because you are so full of sugar but have such a little sneaky side! You love little details/items like little buttons or price tags and love to very quietly and quickly pick up them up. You find weird, obscure little things on the floor and way under the couch and stick it right in your mouth! You are a perfect little crawler on the carpet but sometimes on the tile you do this weird drag one leg crawl..but it sure doesn't slow you down! You graduated from your helmet this month.You are the watcher of the group...when Harper climbs the stairs, you are right behind her. When Quinn gets into his favorite cabinet, you are right there as the accomplice. You could sit forever looking at and chewing books. You are the most content little baby! When we say your name and smile at you, you get this big toothy grin and scrunch up your nose and make a funny face that lights the whole room up! Nothing makes your daddy smile more than your little lispy DaDaDa that is starting to sound more like daddaddaddyyy! You continue to be our "baby" baby and just will melt in our arms when you are tired and always let us feed you a bottle. You laugh so hard when you are tickled or when daddy bounces you on the bed. But you laugh the hardest when you take Harpers paci! Sneaky girl! You really love the fresh air and when we put the windows down and look back at you in the van you will be just smiling this huge smile, so happy to just be! When you get on the infant swing at the park and the wind hits you, you are like the pure definition of happiness! You are contagious sweet little girl!


Caught kissing that baby in the bar stool again

Boys day out to Lowes

Hi Harper

I'm not a caged animal

Quinn is such a big boy 

Gracie is always good for a bottle and a cuddle

A favorite place to stand and stand and stand 


And Carrots

Oh My!

Gogo applesauce, a crowd favorite now

A chat over dinner 

Girls in their playhouse

Garage band

Early morning walks ... we will miss you this winter!

Oh cell phones, we love you

Pretty Gracie Girl 

1st visit to the park and our first swing rides!!! We loved it!! 

Gracie working on standing 

How does this thing work?

Harper puts the skinny in skinny jeans 
 Just a normal afternoon with 2 always ends in a laugh at least...

Quinn works hard for those abs

Night night Gracie 

Good Nap, Quinn? Nothing better than being greeted by this warm,sleepy face!

Let me out of here!

My favorite Gracie girl face in the world!!

Hey, I know these feet...they were in my face for 8 months!

When things get cold outside, we heat it up inside with a swing in the sun room

Beets for lunch. Hmmm......

Love the wind on our faces 

Fall fun day 

Excuse me 

Happy Harper

Can't beat bedtime with these babies and a book 

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