Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Packing Bags

To all that have been with me, with us, for this crazy ride of wanting a baby, trying for a baby, trying harder and then crying. And crying more.

And then eventually the pregnancy. Oh the pregnancy. The growing of three humans. The race victorious.

The delivery. The birth. The introduction to Quinn, Harper, Gracie and me, the mother. Scott, the father. Us, the family.

The first days.

The first months.

The first year.

All the love & support by just following the stories - it means so much to me and to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you for it all. The words of encouragement in ways big & small - it was and is fuel to me.

And so it goes, life goes on. Things are great. Things are scary. Things are fragile. Things are life as we know it. I plan to keep this little Popsicle stand of a blog going just so I can have a bragging outlet and a place to store pictures of my babies as they grow. A journal of how the genius unfolds in three wide eyed and innocent children.

But, if you will, please follow me to my new landing spot. A place that has evolved from all that I mentioned above. A place where I will bare all. In the figurative sense, no nude pictures, don't worry. The good, the bad, the ugly. And the uglier. And the pretty, the new and the lessons learned. The love, the questions. The day to day and the year to year. The small things. The big picture. The way life unfolds for us. For all of us aboard the ship of figuring life out. For those of us that manage, direct, nurture, love, cuddle, chase, cook, sometimes clean and all times do. We always do. A place for us.

And day by day, night by night, giggle by giggle and tear by tear, we are living the dream. We are Mama Bears, hear us roar. coming soon.

For a sneak peek, stop by my secret blog on deck page. Be gentle, this is my practice spot. It's a big deal I'm sharing it. With you. And thanks for even caring what goes on in this crazy treadmill of a brain. I do it in the hopes that even one mama, one lonely soul will feel connected. Will be nourished. Will allow themselves to be accepted.

Will just breathe.

Love to you all.

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