Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pride and Celebration- One Year

Where the journey began....

Born December 16th at 5:04, 5:05 and 5:06 pm ..Here we are almost 72 hours old - snuggled and ready to go home as a family!!! 

Going home day - December 19th 2012 

They said we could we leave with all three of them??!!!  Now what??

And one year later....

You can't keep us down! Or one in one place for that matter!

At one year (way back on December 16th :)...)

Quinn Scott -- 27 lbs and 31 1/4 inches 

Harper Jo - 19 lbs 10 ozs 29 1/2 inches 

Gracie Jean - 25 lbs 10 ozs and 30 1/2 inches  

In honor of Love on Valentines Day -- I am proud to say I am FINALLY making a post on the first year!
There are certain times in your life when you feel proud.

High School graduation. Getting accepted into college. Landing your first real job. Getting Married. Buying your first house. Even buying your first expensive purse.

But when you look at your kids and see them walk, talk, and start to know the world around them - there is no comparison for the pride you feel. It's been said by many people that having children is watching your heart walk on the outside of your body. This isn't just a clever saying. It is the truth.

My heart is walking daily on the wings of three little people I know.

It is bursting, aching, exhausted, elated and most of the times beating like I just ran a marathon - tired but full of adrenaline because I am mother bear, hear me roar.

You hear everyone say that a year flies by when you are a mom. We see toddlers, first graders and high school seniors and everyone says, "Can you believe how fast time goes?" Well, when it's a child that you actually shared their first breath with, you actually CAN'T believe or grasp the way life unfolds so miraculously and effortlessly, but not without hard work, dedication, sleepless nights. And often long, drawn out afternoons waiting on daddy to just walk through the door with fresh energy. 

A year is a mark in time to celebrate how much has just happened since that first cry of life happened. As a parent you think you will remember every little thing that happens those first few moments, days, weeks, months. Those early days of magical moments getting to finally look at what grew inside of you. Those moments that challenge those first few magical dates you had with the man who would eventually be your husband. The first few weeks full of first baths, explosive poops, waterfall pees on the wall, the swaddling in the middle of the night, the being so tired that you start to look for your children in the covers (true story, they were safe in their bassinets. I was insane). And you sort of remember glimpses. And you sort of don't.

But what you do know is that a year ago they laid there warm, mooshy and just helpless without your love, daddy's tight swaddling prowess, mommy's exceptional ability to rock and roll you to sleep and grandma's gallant effort to get up and hold you at 3 am when mommy and daddy just couldn't do one more moonlight lap around the house.

And you do know that now they can feed themselves. They know their names. They laugh at each other without mom or dad even being in the room. They know when it's bath time and can say their own version of bath. They can throw away their own diapers. They know to not touch something when you say their name a certain way. And will keep trying again and again anyway. They will initiate hugs, cuddles and even say awe when they snuggle you. They can blow kisses and say bye bye. They are waiting each and every morning in their crib - standing, jumping, sometimes "running laps" or gnawing on the fine wood - but always ready with a smile, a screech and arms outstretched. They know to put a few toys away before lunch and dinner and actually will line up at the basement stairs to go get grub.

And just as you get to a stage that you think you may scream because you can't handle one more "not for your hands" or "please don't take that toy from your brother "- they hit a new stage that you fall sincerely and hopelessly in love with. (And yes, 10 months when everyone was pulling up and FALLING every second and bruising faces and 12 months when we were all walking and TOUCHING and grabbing EVERYTHING and didn't hear nor understand "not for your hands"--  almost put me in the looney bin or back to full time corporate work -- for a break --). But then you hit now. The sweet now that makes my heart proud when they sit and read a book alone. Or they go and get the pj pants so we can put them on. Or I'm driving down the road and hear a kiss being blown my way, for no reason and with no prompting. My heart is proud. And I know every stage is as beautiful as the first breath....and the first year.

Quinn, Harper & Gracie -  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the best first year a girl that just wanted to be a mom could have.

What a celebration.

Here is what I want you to know about your one year old selves. May you always have a piece of "this innocent and curious you", in you. (And yes, you are 13 months and a half ... but better late than never. I've learned that has hard as I try to write memories, snap candids, video giggles, and shut my eyes and tell myself to never forget this or that ... I will. And that's ok. So far, the present always seems to get better and even though I can't remember all the little details of the day you were born, I know it was a happy day. And that's enough.

Quinn Scott --

You are our sensitive little man and you LOVE your mama more each day. Sometimes when people visit you climb on me, hang on like a koala and cry if I leave the room, sure that I am leaving for a lifetime. You are so verbal and remember everything. Over the last couple of months, you have mastered somersaults and drop down your head every time the word is said. You are offended if we don't let you throw away every dirty diaper and you hover over your sisters diaper changes so I will give you the diaper to walk over to the trash. You grab either your feet or other peoples feet when we say socks or shoes and you know your belly, head, ears, hair, feet, teeth and eyes. One problem, you think only one nose exists. "Quinn, where is your nose?" Quinn - smiles, points and grabs mommys nose - everytime! You love placing objects in their place and get frustrated when you can't... cups in cup holders, puzzles, shape sorters. You shake and try to open just about everything. If you're not sure about something, you give it a good shake until we tell you to move on. And of course, you will go back until something better comes along to distract you. You love your swing & slide and are so brave and climb right up and slide down all by yourself! You give cozy and cuddly hugs and you love to hug your Pooh Bear and your sisters and when you do so, you say "aweee" until we notice your sweetness. You took steps right before you turned one and within a few weeks were on your way. I miss your crawl (you got so fast!), but you waddle and get that 27 lb body wherever you need to go. You had your 1st haircut on Christmas Eve by Uncle Josh's Daddy Rex. I cried. It's grown back all the way - you have hair, buddy. You have slowed down your eating and are a little more picky and you are slimming down (mixed emotions here - better on my chiropractor bill, sad to see those pudgy pie legs slimming out). Your favorite foods are cuties, hamburgers, blueberries, applesauce gogo bags, and crackers and pretzels. You like your switch to milk...and yes, your one bottle at bed time is still a must. Your words are mama, dada, awe, mil (milk), boon (balloon), hllo (hello while holding fake cell phones to head - what does that say about us) , ball, book, duck, light, hi, bye bye, baby, shoe,sock up, more, all done, sna (snack) bath, doggie, bath, noooo (pronounced neeeoo - a favorite) and da (it means every other word, that just isn't a word yet). Favorite thing about you? Hands down, your giggle. Don't ever stop it.

Harper Jo --

You surprise us so much! You are curious and so playful and love to climb and explore, but you don't get long without checking in for those famous outstretched arms, open mouth awwweeee and a big ol kiss and a hug and a turn around in sit in your lap moment. I cherish those. You are very independent and really only want held a lot when you miss your 2nd nap (you sometimes elect to just skip your 2nd nap - bites you later!). You are so social and will reach your sweet little arms out to most anyone and give them a big sweet smile. You give your brother and sister hugs and have very wet kisses! You love your slide and swing and you are a crazy woman standing backwards on your swing and sliding down backwards and on your belly down the slide. But nothing will ever beat your two loves - your chair and your paci. You sit in that chair reading your books like you're a little old lady that has done it for decades. And that paci - well you love it, but we make you be a closet paci sucker (you only can have it in your crib at bed time... and w/ out - there is no sleep). You are like sunshine when you walk in a room  with your little wide leg walk. You are this little peanut running around and swinging those arms and smiling and laughing with pure inner joy. You are contagious. You love to put things on your head and always touch your head and belly when we ask! You make just about everything a hat. You love your baths and go nuts splashing! You think it is so funny to see that baby in the mirror with a hooded towel on. After a bath, you basically run around upstairs picking up things, throwing them, laughing and stopping every once in awhile for a hug. Every once in awhile, you get up a little earlier than your bro and sis, and we can't say we mind- you get to come in bed with us, cuddle, babble and have your milk. Sometimes I want you to wake up early! Those long dark eyelashes and blue eyes with your porcelain perfect skin are simply beautiful. You have such intense eye contact that we think you really listen when we talk (scary sometimes). You have this love for shoes and mens neck ties. (odd,yes). You will always find shoes and You are a monster eater despite your six pack abs and next to no body fat. You really will eat anything and we have to watch you because you squirrel stuff your cheeks so quickly you start to choke sometimes. You love yogurt, waffles, crackers, blueberries, cuties and pizza. Your words are mama, daaa, hi, bye bye, bath,baby,book, ball, more, doggie, sna (snack) hlo (hello on that same cell phone), bird, and lots of baaas and points and expressions that are a catch all. Favorite thing about you Monkey May, dancing you, swinging you and watching that deep belly laugh when you are free in the air, pure joy!

Gracie Jean --

Sweet marshmallow. We sometimes sit and just watch you and just laugh. You have these expressions and words and noises and giggles and motions that just make you so comical and cute. That smile that turns into a grin big enough to see those pearly whites, followed by a scrunched up nose and giggle has stolen the hearts of us and many strangers. Not to mention the strangers you sometimes walk up to and put your arms up to be held. You don't know many strangers and seem to always be looking for somebody to love on. You have a natural way of making people feel loved and cuddled. While you also have an innate ability to come over, hug your mama and somehow make off with her cell phone. You are determined and do not forget that you have a few objectives in life - getting a cell phone or remote, the occasional toy steal and eating or asking for a "sna" snack. You sing like a little bird and we are often lucky enough to have your songs as an alarm clock. I think you are one of those people that got the gift of being you and being happy - you walk around literally singing and dancing to your own beat and you are oh so happy. Sometimes you will sit for up to 30 minutes looking at a book singing to yourself, or playing with a musical toy that you hit the button over and over again so it sings and you can bob your head back and forth to dance. You have a princess wave and sometimes you incorporate that princess wave into your dancing. If music is on, you are moving that JLo booty. You like Moves Like Jagger and If You're Happy and You Know It (but you have really snubbed clapping and hooray-ing and just want to stomp, stomp those feet.) As sweet and agreeable and patient as you are, you have an opinion, and there is no changing it. I've seen glimpses of that head throwing, on the ground kicking my feet, I want my way - and I have to say, even then, you are funny. You love daddy's neck ties and love to wrap them on like scarves,  books, balls, and really anything that is little and you can hold in your hand, put in your mouth and walk around. This spans anything from puzzle pieces, random blocks, maybe wood chips that mysteriously turn up in our carpet or long hairs from your shedding mother. You find every detail and aren't afraid to eat it. You are a picky eater, but you love your snacks. You love waffles, anything bread, blueberries, crackers, squeezie bags, pretzels and really anything crunchy. Your words are ball (it was your first and the first word among all of you!) , mama, dada, bye bye (and you will never miss a chance to say it), all done, more, milk, bath, up and your favorite word of all sna (snack!!) No chance that there is anything more favorite about you than your sweet hug,cuddle and rest your head on our shoulder just about whenever we pick you up!

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