Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In the Garden

In my attempt to do 101 things to not get pregnant, I am shifting focus from obsessing over my body, cycles and possible options to get in working order. So, one of these things that I have stumbled upon is gardening. Dorky, maybe - but relaxing, yes. I think about it during the day and can't wait to get home and work on these flowers that I get to love, water and nurse back to health if they start to get a little wilted from too much sun. Perhaps this is good practice for me - if I can keep these alive, I can do anything. 

My grip is becoming a little less tight everyday. I trust our RE, and he and his staff are so good at delivering a clear plan to us, while making sure we understand every little detail. 

So, as it stands, I started my period 5 days after my progesterone shots in my butt (ouch by the way), which came full force like one of my old normal periods...back when I had them. It came on with a little bloating, sensitive teeth, hunger and that stabbing headache that I always used to get the first day of my period. I had cramps all day. I bleed like a paper cut all day, and I loved it. It feels so good to have a full, normal period. I contribute this period to being more of a period to not only the shots, but the acupuncture. I think the combination of the work on my hormones and the switch the natural progesterone versus the very artificial pills of Provera (which is progestin --- NOT to be confused with progesterone which is what our body makes and needs naturally) really worked for me. So, first step in the right direction - something I am responding to! Which is really all this game is about, fitting your puzzle pieces in the right puzzle. 

So, next step - CD 3 blood test to see what my hormones do and then do Femora CD 3-7. I guess Femora works similar to Clomid - but is, of course an off label use. I am going to try it and not over analyze it. I know it's going against my wishes for au natural, but I'm trusting Dr. M and keeping up with the diet efforts, supplements and acupuncture and shutting my eyes and hoping for the best. 

After Femora, time to buy some good ovulation sticks (although my past experiences are not very inviting) and see what the cards hold for us this month. 

Until then...I will be in the garden in my free time.... 

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