Thursday, February 10, 2011

Here Comes the Sun...

Thank God for mornings...especially mornings with sunshine that make me feel like there is literally light at the end of the tunnel of wondering if I'm doing any of this right.

In the hours of 8 am to maybe 11 or on a good day 2.. my babies are at their sweetest and most wonderful happy selves. I can just sit and let them lead the way and actually just feel joy instead of worry or other overwhelming emotions of a new mother.

One of my most challenging, fussy we don't want to fall asleep or do anything but eat and fuss days passed and we conquered (not without tears or exhaustion from all parties) and now we are back to a blissful, "can I freeze this feeling"morning.

We come in the sun room heated by space heaters and Q and Harp "play" on their new playmat from Aunt Katie -- they bounce and kick and make their new bird "caa" noises. Q loves to watch the colors & Harp just is happy looking over at Q and feeling his soft hair. As I watch I realize, wow, these babies will always have the coolest toys -- each other! Miss Gracie is my late sleeper so she gets to finish her bottle while Q & H play..poor thing, by the time she gets to play the other 2 are she gets to play with mom :) She loves the black & white zebra print on the playmat. Gracie loves to listen to books, so by the time the other 2 actually fall asleep (yeah!! they can actually fall asleep on a flat, non swinging or vibrating surface,  we CAN do cribs!) her and I cuddle and I actually read her a magazine...she doesn't care about the content :)

And I am feeling like I have sort of figured this all out. Each day we learn a little bit more about each other.

As our morning "play time" ended today, a very fitting song came on our Pandora version of lullabies -

Tom Petty -- "Learning to fly...but I ain't got wings...coming down is the hardest thing..."

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  1. Awww, we had one of those days this week was sadly one of those where I kept looking at the clock wondering when Dad was coming home because Momma really needed the help! I'm sure it won't be the last, but those days make the good ones that much better. I always remind myself that as much as we question ourselves as moms, the babies don't know any better....YOU are the only momma they know, and therefore you are the BEST momma they know. You were made to be Quinn, Gracie, & Harper's mom.

    I love your blog posts and am so glad we can share this journey of multiple motherhood together!