Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Todays message brought to you by the letter "B"

Babies --  are doing great! They continue to dig deeper in our hearts everyday. Scott & I just joked yesterday about the first time we saw them and thought.. "those are cute babies that belong to someone else..." They give us more smiles and are making different noises everyday and are getting big! We weighed them at home and Qboy weighed 9 1/2 lbs, Gracie Girl was 8 1/2 lbs and you guessed it, The Harpster was 7 1/2 lbs. The good news is they are growing and will be 7 weeks old this week .. the bad news, mom & dad have been shoving all of them in the wrong size diapers! Oops! (As in poor Harper has been squeezed into premie diapers!)
6 1/2 weeks..just hanging w/ mom...all dressed up and to the floor we go
Breastfeeding -- Oh the weird emotional rollercoaster. I came to a decision that breast feeding was great and I did my best the first 6 weeks, but since I am home some to most days by myself until we get help, it's not fun or realistic for me or the babies. So I'm still letting them feed here and there (probably more for comfort .. & probably my comfort more than theirs) & I'm still pumping until my milk is too low for it to be worth anything. So at least they are getting a bottle or two a day. I feel sad but also really good to take "one more thing" out of the equation of loving 3 babies every day.

Bedtime -- All in all, they do pretty good at going down for us in the overnight hours after feedings. Sometimes they fuss and we are approaching the wonderful question of "when do we let them cry?" I always always pick them up and think they are still young enough to do so..but we have to be careful to not create monsters! In fact, Miss Harper has figured out that at 7 am ( no matter what schedule we are on.. like she could have eaten an hour earlier & fallen asleep) she will cry until Daddy picks her up and cuddles her in bed. EVERY MORNING! We are patiently awaiting our night nanny to come help..our first 2 scheduled nights were canceled due to her kids being sick & the terrible ice storm .. the longer I wait the more I have to think about someone else feeding and holding our babies instead of us! I really do want the sleep (we plan to have them 3 nights a week from 10p-6a) but I am also starting to feel a little sad I won't be the one picking up those little babies when they need it.. :(  Ah..the mom of triplets -- you want to do it all and you just can't. It seems like my expectations/hopes never can quite match the outcome/reality (which is also harder to do when you only sleep a total of 3-4 interrupted hours a night)

Bottles and Boppies-- The daytime chores get done by superwoman when I'm by myself because there is no other choice. A typical day by myself... Daddy (hopefully on most days) helps w/ 8 am feeding and then he goes to work and all 4 of us lay in bed (babies on boppies, I don't trust my tired self alone) and this is one of my favorite times of the day -- we just lay and the babies are always happy and kicking and getting to know the world around them (talking to 3 babies in itself is awesome but who knew it could be so exhausting to speak in "parent-ese" to 3 wide eyes staring up at you)  They all get bottles around 11 (not my favorite thing because I typically have to let one lay in the boppy and eat and I have to have all 3 by me to juggle paci's while the others wait in line..sometimes a tragic and sad 1-2 hrs) and then by 1 pm I get an A+ if they are all fed, changed and down to nap. They really do like "the" playlist that has followed us from the womb to now and calm down to Jack Johnson every time.Then I get an hour and a half to eat, wash bottles, make pitchers of formula, throw laundry in and then get bottles ready. Then we feed & get our outfits on for the day (this is the fun part where I play house & dress my dolls & ask them what they want to wear like they have an opinion) and then either lay on blanket together or fall asleep again. By the 5 pm we hope Daddy is home and another feeding and then back on the blanket to kick and check out the baby next to them...still not totally into each other but have been grabbing each others hands or touching another's hair. Sometimes we read books and they seem to really like this. After the 8 pm feed, we like to gear towards sleepy-town and swaddle and cuddle or swing and sleep. And then after the 11 - its into the bedroom where the space heater has been on, the humidifier is going, it's dark and Jewel's lullabies are playing...and off we go for adventures in nighttime.. 

Big Ice Storm of 2011 -- the best thing in the world... Daddy has been home with us for 2 days! No matter what happens, all of this is easier and more fun when we are home to share in it all. We all got to lay in bed this morning and just be a family. And besides..doesn't hurt for him to see what mama does all day :) 

Bye for now -- another feeding calls.. 

Who is sleepier? Quinn or Mama?

Harper Time & Daddy napping away the ice storm 

Yes, Gracie..what is your question?

Hello Quinn!

Harper & Mama in the Moby wrap..helping supermoms everywhere

Daddy brought us home these outfits -- he has good taste!

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