Monday, February 21, 2011

Survived & Savored - 2 months!

From a blog I found on a friend's blog .. truly the truth.

"Trust your instincts. You might not think you know what you're doing, but I promise you do.

Expect that it will hurt, expect that it will be hard, and expect that you can do it anyway. You're a rockstar, after all. You were made for this.

Cherish those first few days. They are straight up magic."

2 month naked babies! Watch us grow!

Gracie 10 lbs 22 inches Quinn 11.8 lbs 22 inches Harper 9 lbs 22 inches 
Dear Quinn, Harper Gracie -

It's already been another month of getting to know all three of you and discovering our strengths and weaknesses as your parents. I am certain of one thing, we are not always perfect but every move we make in your direction is with a crazy love that I hope you feel even when you are crying because once again you get mommy's favorite saying each day "you're next sweet baby". If you end up someday in counseling because you always had to wait and you have a complex, please know if I could do our many hours alone together any smoother, I would -- but for now, it's my best and it's all I have :) But we do it.. the four of us, when daddy is at work, grandma is at home and nobody is here to help - we do it together, and we will always have those memories, just us.

I don't really have organized thoughts of what has happened over the last month, nor have I updated or even started your baby books. Oops, Quinn I just realized with the last minute game decision on Quinn, your baby book says Finley all over it...

Anyways, my general reflection of the last month is confidence, trust and believing. I think your daddy and I have picked up speed with digging deep on intuition and to just go with it. I wish I had a video (well, not really) of what happens here during feedings. I have been known to hold a bottle with my calf, reaching over to feed another baby with the third on my forearm rocking you while of course saying, "you're next.." And night feedings - well, we got smart. We still get up most nights, but we hired a nice girl to come 2 nights and feed you so we can sleep for 6 hours - yeah! And let me tell you, I am SUPERMOM those next days! But other than that, I feel like I sort of know what I'm doing and I know your daddy feels the same way. After all, you are part of grew in my belly - we are the most qualified. We know more about you than any book, blog or website will ever know. Intuition and trust in expecting the best is real and when I listen to that, the ship sails smooth...and when I don't - well, it's a little more bumpy.

Let's see...we have retired mama's milk. Very sad for mama, but you guys don't seem to care. Tears have and will be shed, but we made it to 8 weeks to the day. Not shabby for a 3 to 1 ratio...

My favorite time is still the morning, you guys are so happy and just bounce and kick on your playmats! I prayed so long for a "healthy bouncy baby" ( in those exact words) and I look down and I see that God decided to just go ahead and say, "Here you get THREE really BOUNCY and KICKING babies!" and my heart skips a beat. My other favorite is how the same week you all discovered yourself in the mirror on your all look up like, "wow..that is cool!"

Other fun things..our first Valentines Day and our first outing with Laura and our friend baby Raya! Also it was 60 degrees so we went on our first walk in the big triple stroller - it was sunny and you all slept so peacefully while mama got her first "workout".

My favorite SAVORED moment... Fridays after I get out and get some "me time" and coming home to do a feeding with Grandma and then going in our big king sized bed and cuddling, just the 4 of us and watching Oprah. Life stands still and I know someday you guys won't fit on me or want to watch Oprah..well, wait - Oprah won't even be here - so yeah, I really savor those sweet moments.

The funniest SURVIVED moment.. long story long.. we go for our 2 month appt at 3. Daddy has a client at 4:30 he thinks he can make ( I know he won't - we have shots!!). So we get our shots, you guys literally cry so hard you get your first wet tears rolling down your face, followed by mama bear tears - I mean, my heart broke. So the Hackmans pile in the van and head to show a house with daddy because he is late. Well, now we are going on being 2 hrs late for a feeding, after shots. So here I am in the aisle of our swaggerwagon playing rotate sticking the pacifier in the mouth for three purple faced crying babies. Well of course, my milk comes in full force wanting to fix the situation. Should I? I can't. So I cry, we all cry together. Daddy is back. He has another client. The 4 of us get dropped off at home. No bottles made. Again, three purple crying faces. Just have to get the end, all were fed, changed and of course perfect swaddled angels by the time daddy was home...

It's been such a full 2 months and we are blessed beyond belief everyday!,love you babies! Some pictures of your 2nd month!

Some of the best moments.. morning naps after we play 

My little handfuls

So handsome

Grandma & Grandpa love us!

Playful Harper

Wow - that's me in that mirror!

Grandma and her valentine girls

Gracie in her princess throne

Is it crazy I miss those toes kicking my belly?

My attempt to photograph 3 babies for Daddy's valentines day gift

Our very 1st outing on Valentines Day to the mall!

Tummy time, again?!

Ready for our 1st walk..we're packed up again,mom?

Friday night cuddles 

Happy Valentines Day! Daddy's little roses for mama, 2 white for his little girls!

My little valentine! And to right, all dressed up for our 2 month drs appt! Daddy reading to his babies!

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  1. Beautiful pictures and great post, I don't know how you find the time for all of this but I'm glad that you do! Congrats on making it to 8 weeks, that is a miracle with one baby let alone 3 and you will all be better because of it and I'm sure it's a relief to you at the end of the day to not have that pressure. They are growing up beautifully and won't remember a single tear they cry now or a single minute they wait for you, they'll only remember the food, love, hugs, and kisses they receive at the end of it and the reassurance that you are there for them.