Thursday, May 5, 2011

50 year old self

So, Laura, this is a shout out to you, friend, for teaching me about the concept of "What would my 50 year old self think/say/do???"

Today was one of those 13 hour days that felt really...triplet like.

Triple the crying. Triple the POOP. Triple the drool and trying to pull back lips to look at gums to see if it's teething or the wheels have just fallen off. Triple the cries in the monitor when you just want your morning coffee ... at noon. Triple the car seats to take out when you have to go on a walk for a showing. Triple the butts to wash in the bath when you are alone and your husband is working (why bath when alone you ask?? see POOP above). Triple the washcloths, towels and bottles and burp rags to scrap up at the end of they day. Etc. etc...

But as I was doing my nightly stare at every single little body as they sleep and pray over them ritual...I remembered...What would my 50 year old self remember about this day? About this time? About this small but mighty chunk in our lives?

Awe...I would hope I remember the sleepy smile I got from Harper in her little pink outfit that doesn't quite fit her yet..but we wore it anyways because it matched G & Q. The way Gracie giggles from somewhere deep inside her big Buddha belly when you jiggle her a little bit. I hope I can recall the walk we went on as a family with Scott in his dress shoes and me in my scrubs just to get out for a showing and use it as an opportunity to catch up on our dreams. And the way Quinn really digs eating rice cereal and how he cries when the spoon leaves his mouth! And the serious koala bear hug naked Harper gave me today around my neck. Those babbles and goos and blaahs filling up our once empty house. And those unique smiles from each of them..And oh Gracie singing to herself while the other two battled who could cry harder waiting on bedtime bottles. And to top it off..pretty much everybody falling to sleep before not only a bedtime story..but before even getting pj's on... and they didn't even judge me :)

It's perfect. All of it.

I don't think I've posted this song yet... But how appropriate to share it now - because it's true!!!!!!!!

You're Gonna Miss This -- by Trace Adkins

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  1. Aw, it IS perfect. Thank you for this sweet reminder. Some day we'll look back on these days and remember how things like finding Desitin on your forehead in your rearview mirror BEFORE walking in to Target was considered a big accomplishment. ;)