Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting Mouthy

A day in the life of triplet mouths...

Smiles -- in the morning, helpful for tired mom & dad since it's worth getting out of bed just for that!

Confused -- not so sure about rice cereal for lunch ... see below for pictures (we tried our 1st bites a week ago.. so this is our 3rd attempt..making strides but are not committed to this weird spoon and texture thing yet. I keep promising nanners mixed in soon.. yum)

Drool -- fingers and sometimes not afraid to stuff fists in mouth. unexplained crying fits. chewing the nipple (no, i do not breast feed anymore) it's beginning to look alike lot teething...everywhere you go

Mmmma -- Harper has been making "mmmmaaa" sounds when crying. Quinn happened to look up from his bottle today and make a short and i want to believe, intentional "ma"noise. Gracie is for certain waiting to blabber "da" first as she favors this parent. I know it's probably just accidental blabber, but it still makes me melt

Triplet talk -- Gracie & Quinn while laying on the bed & waiting to be tended to (Harper getting diaper changed) were closed mouth grunting back to each other..sort of like their normal ooing and cooing, but like "rrrrroooo" back & forth. I'm sure it was complaining about the delayed dinner service around here.

Bleeding -- out of his mouth, as in Quinn after his bath. So as Dad is at work, ALL THREE ARE SCREAMING, i do what any mom would do (ok, maybe not) I call 911. I literally thought he was having a weird bleed out the mouth episode. I hang up on the 1st ring, this is crazy. Of course, they call back to rub it in. They hear screaming babies and a "woman in distress" and don't quite believe me "that yes, everything is alright". I start thinking they need to teach new moms something similar to what we learned about catching on fire in instead of "stop, drop and roll" it should be "stop, think and think again before you call 911." Oh well, pretty sure he just snagged a nice tear in the gums with his fist and claws in the mouth action. 

Kisses --  goodnight...another day in the sweet life of 4 month old Quinn, Harper & Gracie  :) 



Gracie not sure 

Harper a little more sure 

After... we're stuffed 

Harpers favorite part, wiping her mouth after

Gracie is so jealous Quinn isn't in the hot seat 

I think I can, I think I can 

Oh mom

Spitting out... 

And licking lips. This stuff may be decent 

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