Friday, June 10, 2011

I blinked, literally...

And somehow totally missed celebrating 5 months...

Group pictures are just not so easy anymore! 
Our Cheer Squad.. Gracie is so annoyed with Harpers feet 
We can't quite remember exact weights from your 5th month birthday...but here is an estimate (weights taken at home...first month with no Dr Appt!)

Smiling GQ- 19ish and STILL growing...(You may know this line..On Monday he ate "5 bottles", but he was still hungry" is a favorite book of his)
Sweet as pie Gracie - 17ish 
Silly monkey Harps - 14ish
   In a nutshell, I must have been busy! The babies "wake up" a little more each day to their personality.. which means you better be ready w/ energy for the day. Since we turn 6 months next week, I thought before we actually hit that milestone... I will recap 4 months in pictures - better than words anyways!

Dear Quinn, Harper and Gracie,

We love you ... and here are some pictures of memory making around here during your 4th month :) (yes, another obnoxious's almost like I have 3 times the pictures :)  )

Love the hand never stops

This month was hands on EVERYTHING and learning how to get those everythings in our mouths

Holding hand..again. Sorry, Quinn - you are in pink,again (Although, despite the Quinn as a girl naming rage I will argue all the way that Quinn is a boys name. Hello, Quinn the Eskimo was NOT a girl) 

Harper just wants what she wants 

Pooped from deep sea fishing in the ocean 

I love my hands

Pretty in pink

Royal Wedding appropriate

Chubby hands rubbing tired eyes, one of my favorites 

A normal day of lining up to be fed 

Hands in mouth, full time 



Harper ready to go 

Harpers sweet smiles in her little pink outfit :)

Gracie can sleep and eat all at once

Not only do we drool and spit up on ourselves, often on our siblings too


My favorite matching outfits 

Gracie relaxing 

Harper is smaller but will challenge to take any of the others down 

Sleepy baby Q

Between bites

After bites (didnt understand a spoon doesn't keep coming like a bottle does at first)

Sleeping in Grandma's arms w/ our new raspberry teether..working on a tooth

Boys only, mom

Gracie.. you used to have hair to shampoo...


This is SUCH a Harper face.. 

Little Harper Jo

Grandpa feeding Q

Grandma feeding Gracie 

Don't mess with my brother and sister 

Harper can't believe she has to share a room, what a headache

Q & G cuddling

Stinky feet!

GracieGirl loves the bright windows  

We know our shapes and colors, so smart

Can I fit too?? 

Not really anymore...

Let's go for a walk!

After our 2 hour walks in the morning.. babies nap, mom works on baby weight.. deal.

5 month weigh ins ..when we came home, we weren't much bigger than that banana 

I laugh everyday at these babies, I found Quinn, crying in his bed - just like this

Dad, you really are funny

Gracie gets to know one of her favorite toys, her feet

Mom started taking ALL 3 to Target alone... double stroller ...
And one in the can imagine the comments. 

Tornado warnings in the basement - big slumber parties! 
Quinn loves to stare at his sisters 

One of my favorite captured moments ever - Harper smiling at the ponies in her peaceful 4 month old self sleep...

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