Wednesday, June 22, 2011

6 months

Yep, this is what photo shoots have come to... Somehow we have arrived at the half year mark!
 Gracie 18 lbs 2 ozs and 26 1/4 inches long
 Quinn 20 lbs and 10 ozs and 26 3/4 long
Harper 14 lbs 10 ozs and 25 1/2 inches long

So, so so much happens the 1st year...and so much of that has happened the first 6 months! Since December 16th, it has been like watching three little caterpillars come out their cocoon! I can't believe a year ago this month we were excitedly and nervously leaving the doctor's office with ultrasound pictures of little blobs that looked like snowmen with flashing heartbeats. One of the many gifts of parenting - watching the true miracle of God given life unfold from a "seed" into babbling, giggling, and smiling human life. So - in trying to keep up with the triplets ... here is the monthly update and our lives as we know it (for now at least...)!

Dear Quinn, Harper & Gracie,

So you are 6 months...and here's what has been going on in the life of you...

Lots of rolling over from front to back and back to front. Realizing you can probably get that toy if you roll your little self over. Sleeping on bellies a lot now that you can get there yourself. Sleep like champs - 10-12 hrs a night and still 3-4 naps. Working on dismissing that afternoon nap between dinner and bedtime...but not quite ready (we've seen a lot of good days go bad with a simple skipping of a nap). Lots of arms, legs, toes, fingers hanging out the crib...followed by screams because of the arm,leg,toe,finger out the crib. A switch from cooing to more babble like talk - sometimes screeches of joy simply because you found out your throat can make that noise. Singing, screeching and belly laughs are my favorite. Lots of attempts to sit up alone...during your 5th month, most attempts are more wobbly than an actual "sit" - but you all really like the "new view" when you are off your back finally!

We get out a lot these days! Farmers markets, weekend brunches, walks and one on one trips w/ Mom & Dad. Grandma & Grandpa still come a lot and we love Amy when she comes to help us during the week! We had our first road trip on our 5th month birthday -- Chicago so Mom could see Oprah with Aunt Abby. You guys were great and just slept most of the drive! It's been a hot summer, so you still haven't seen much of the sun. We did go to a park on a cool day and you were all so happy and mesmerized by the simplicity of a tree blowing in the wind above you. These are the moments that we fall even more in love with your innocence.

Started solids full force. You eat breakfast & dinner and seem to like bananas & cereal or applesauce & cereal and sweet potatoes the best. Oh the faces and the poop that come with this new stage! You sit in your little space saver highchairs on the dining room table (our favorite new fixture in the house - and yes, I thought I would "take them down every night as to not be overtaken by baby stuff.." ha). I love love love how happy and full of smiles you all are when we sit you in your high chairs for breakfast. You just watch me get the food ready and smile and laugh! You started playing with learning sippy cups around 5 1/2 months and everyday seem to get better. You have now figured out there is indeed something liquid worth sipping, that the modern convenience of Tommee Tippee must be taken advantage of by tipping upside down each time, and that if all the stars align - you just may get a sip by holding that soft chewy thing on your mouth. (Followed by the reaction, "Oh, it's water, blaaaa - I don't want that, I will let it run down the whole front side of me). You still get 5 bottles of 7ish ozs a day and seem to still really like/need them! Working on holding them ourselves!

Buckets of drool. Everything in your mouths. Everything. Playmats are slowly but surely not cutting it.. for one, you have all learned that your feet are not only cool things to grab and even eat, but they also can kick toys and people and work just as good as hands to hit those swinging monkeys. So you guessed it, feet and heads will meet. Today I left the room to change Quinn's diaper and came back to find Harper rolled over onto Gracie (Gracie, red face, shrieking) with her hands in her eyes and soon after Quinn's foot in Harper's mouth. In fact, playtime is a three ring circus - Harper just wants to stand, Gracie and Quinn can sit but the minute I start to let Harper "walk" around the room (you should see her proud face when she prances with help) the little butterballs have both plopped over...ah, tired just recalling it.

BUT SO WORTH IT! Nothing better than seeing our little miracles discover the world as we discover just who you are and guessing who you may become...

Quinner -- Oh buddy. You continue to be a ray of sunshine each day. You seriously ooze with cuteness and pure joy. I always say you are the baby that I always pictured - fat, happy, kicking, a big open smile WHENEVER I want one and a happy squeal to match. You love your mama and other girls.. you just stare and stare, amazed at the beauty of women :) I just love getting you from naps - you pop your little sleepy red on one side face up with tired eyes and give me the biggest smile as soon as you see me! You love attention, any attention. You love when people in public talk to you and you always put on a show of cuteness for them. People can't help but smile and laugh when they see you. Man is your giggle infectious...and you can giggle. Especially when you are tickled! You are such a big boy! In your 6 months, you have grown over 15 lbs and you already need to wear 18 months clothing. You are strong and last month you started rolling over to your tummy all the time and decided sleeping is much better on your belly. I will never forget watching you through your crib make your little frustrated self over to your belly for the first time to sleep - precious. You started being able to sit alone for a few seconds when you had just turned 5 months old. And you are finally starting to like to stand on your legs and look around. We are still working on the " I am so tired I must melt down" side of you, but the rest of your goodness always makes up for it. You are doing great sitting up alone for a minute or two and love tummy time. You love to eat anything when we try new foods and always want that bottle on demand! You are my sweet boy and it is a joy to watch you adore your sisters...when they cry, you stop what you are doing and look at them like you just need to fix it. Just like your daddy :) In fact, people always ask does one cry and then they all do..and up until just recently, it never happened - but oh can you wail if one of your sisters is upset. You already protect them! Thank you for being our perfect baby boy.

 Harpey -- Baby girl, you make me laugh, you just do. And you are just so dang cute! We have a book we read that says "I love your mad side, your happy sad, your sad side, your funny side, etc" and this just reminds me of you. You, at 6 months, already seem so independent, set in your 6 month ways and confident. We love "all sides" of you. I love walking in to your room to see you smile in your crib and turn your head away quick and do your little laugh like you are flirting with us. And my very favorite of all is your little grabby hands...checking out our noses, cheeks, HAIR, and anything you can get to - especially when you grab my whole face and pull your knees up like a monkey and hang on while opening your mouth big on my cheek and giving me a big wet sloppy, long kiss! You certainly have your opinion when you don' t like or want to do something..but as soon as we get it right - you can just play away and be happy. You love,love to stand and "walk" - who needs this tummy time or sitting. You do not like your tummy but will roll across the room when you want to (can't leave you alone anymore!). You are strong and lift your head when on your back trying to sit up (makes you mad your 6 month old body can't do it yet). You also get all over your crib when you sleep and the only time you really cry in your crib when you are sleeping is when you get another body part stuck out of the bars. You still fall asleep so easily and thank goodness have been eating great!! You love avocados and will eat up to 7 ozs a feeding! No surprise, you figured out the spoon very early and have to "help" every time (you hold the spoon, open your mouth wide and guide the spoon in). One of my favorite memories was discovering your love for avocados when I was on the other end of the assembly line & looked down to see your little face with your birdy mouth wide open & waiting! Even when you are mad we can always you to do your sweet and funny giggle when we throw you up in the air or play airplane. You are our little peanut, but you are perfect that way and so fun to "throw around" and play with - you like it! We just love your cuddles when you slow down and give them. We are so thankful you chose us as parents..we have a feeling you probably "told" God who you are in charge little monkey.

Gracie Girl -- My piece of sugar pie - you continue to be sweet,patient and cuddly. It's so nice to have a cuddler in the group..I just love when you bury your head in our chest and chew on those fingers while you watch and observe the others. You just seem to love being a baby and letting us love on you and take care of you. You love being held, especially rocked to sleep.. your baby body and soft round face as you drift off to sleep is addicting. Everywhere we go people comment on your beautiful eyes and your dark, long eyelashes. Such a pretty princess! You really are the patient one of the group, but wow can you get mad if left too long to be patient. RED FACE and a cry that gets so intense it will go in waves of RRRRRAAAA, silent,silent,silent - i'm so mad it's silent and I'm winding up for more, RRRAAA. Your cry is a heartbreaking cry that we all just have to stop (hence the rocking to are smart, little girl). You love your daddy holding you and bouncing you around. You are so calm and when you smile, your whole face slowly lights up. I love just saying "Grrrraaacie" and seeing you smile. I love to hear you sing when I am in another room and you are in your crib. It really is a beautiful sound. Your giggle is like honey. It's sort of quiet but at the end you have a little curl of a squeal that is priceless. The other day we were taking a group picture and Quinn must have just tickled you just the right way... you couldn't keep those giggles and squeals in. You have caught on to spoon eating and will say "mmmmm" when I do after you get a bite, but you really do prefer your bottles. And you can suck them down.. our fastest eater (and still blue ribbon for burps and poop). You are really strong on your tummy and can stay there forever watching the world around you. You can scoot off the I think you are in the running for the 1st crawler! A couple firsts for you last month...first ear infection (you handled like a champ - slept every night just fine) and on a brighter note - your first tooth!! You were so good about it, we didn't even know you were about to get one! It just popped up one Friday night! Daddy saw it during your bath...and a week later, the 2nd tooth showed up too (you let us know this one was coming :) ) Our days are sweeter and make us slow down and cuddle more because of you. We are so thankful to have you, little Miss Gracie Jean in our arms.

As always - the pictures...

Our first family road trip to Chicago. We made quite the scene on Michigan Avenue! We had fun staying with our cousin Miles and Mommy had a very memorable time at the Oprah show with Aunt Abby! Someday we can watch the show together and talk about all the legends we got to see at the O show..Madonna, Michael Jordan, Stevie Wonder.....

Pizza lunch!

With our cousin Miles!

This is not big enough, Mom. Plan better next time.

The Oprah Show!

Time to put this toy away - Harper is trying to rip them out with her hands and feet

The sweetness of Gracie

Harper and her silly self

Working on it..

How could you not laugh at that face?

Those eyelashes

My baby boy

Two girls in bed sharing secrets

Sisters holding hands

Gracie doesn't get Quinn's funny joke

Getting better

Working with Daddy

Gracie and her daddy - your face feels funny!

She's mine, all mine!

Gracie and her quiet time with a book

The final Oprah message - Kids, a day to remember.

Throw me Daddy!

And you wonder why people are starting to say..oh, how do you do it?? Twins and then an oops baby...??

Look at those cheeks grow

I'm Quinn and I rub my cheeks in my sheets until they are raw..and then I smile about it.

The first time we found Gracie plopped over to sleep...such a weird thing!

Happy Memorial Day 2011... We love you Grandpa Hackman and miss you!

We love milk. We love each other. In no particular order.

Feeling confident!

Flips and rolls change the game...

Daydreamers that you on your belly?? A belly sighting is rare!

Why not let it all hang out?

Butt up, knees cute Quinn.

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!

Piggie swear?!

Quinn practicing his new skill

Pretty girls

Sleeeeepy Gracie

After a bath...pure peace

Moms just don't understand

Triplets truly learn the art of taking turns

We really do like to read! Can't handle the suspense!

We love our cuddle graffy's. (poor Gracie wearing Quinn's clothes..when they saw they grow overnight, it's true. Went to bed in 9 months clothing, woke up needing 12 months)

Yep, that's a foot. Nothing you can't sleep through

Harper -- savoring one on one time

The true happy baby

This is what happens in group picture settings.

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