Saturday, November 26, 2011

Not babies, not quite toddlers...

We are ELEVEN months and keeping mom and dad busy!

This captures us - can't sit still, CURIOUS and full of chubby bellies!!
Quinn Scott - 27 lbs and around 31 1/2 inches
Harper Jo - 20 lbs around 28 1/2 inches
Gracie Jean - 25 1/2 lbs and around 29 inches

So much going on around here! I am wishing someone would have told me how "slow going" life was when we had 5 month old triplets! We have rolled out the "fly ball theory" around here. As in, just like a 2nd basemen and center field men have to call out who has the ball, Mommy and Daddy have to call out who has who, so not to miss even a split second while you think the other is watching. A lot can happen in a split second. Including split lips. And black lips (as in Gracie was chewing a gifted homemade cd with a black label made from printer ink. Followed by a really, really black smile. Followed by a call to our buddies at poison control. ) Lots of chasing around corners, behind doors and up stairs and watching for and sometimes fishing out odd objects from mouths. But mostly...just sitting back and watching in wonder... as these three humans we met as newborns...unfold into little people. What a gift it is.

No walking yet - but lots of cruising and standing alone and still crawling everywhere and anywhere. We are developing our own "indian language" -- we all do "ah wa ah wa ah wa" by moving either our hand our finger in and out on our mouths (like an indian noise) and we seem to understand each other. 

Mostly want to feed ourselves and love pretty much anything! Favorites are waffles, french toast, toast,  blueberries,strawberries, cheerios, bananas, peas, mum mums and "squeeze" gogo applesauce. Still love those bottles -- on count down to no more formula!

Sleeping great (don't be jinxed!) - 2 naps and 11-12 hours at night 

We love to play,play, play. We love balls, our piano and any music we can dance to, books and clothes (we LOVE to play and throw around laundry,socks,etc). And don't forget cups, bowls and anything non toy! Including anything that needs "reorganized" in boxes, drawers or cabinets. Had lots of fun going to the park as the warm days ended. LOVE DOGS and go crazy and laugh when we see them. Not the biggest fan of our stroller but like taking Target trips w/ mom in our wagon and love all the attention we get. 

Quinn Scott -- 

You look like such a big boy..I have to look back at newborn pictures just to remember how little you were! You are a boy on the move and have "getting to know the world around you" on your agenda. I treasure night time because you let me rock you, cuddle you and play with your golden locks while you jabber in full baby "sentences" and sing and sing - it is precious. You still love any and all food and love to feed yourself. You can stand on your own and hold toys and lean towards objects, but no real stepping yet. You can crawl like a race car and love to crawl towards the stairs or open "no no" doors when we look away for a second. You got your finger slammed in a drawer, yet still love every drawer and cabinet in the house. You say "mama" "dada" and picked up this new "eeeee" high pitched squeal when you are happy. You say hi and wave your arm up and down at everyone and still laugh from the inner parts of your belly. You amaze us everyday and we are so lucky to have you, little eleven month old baby boy. 

Harper Jo -- You light up a room and can cuddle like a teddy bear. You have no idea you are the smallest and in honor of the Twilight times, "you are the alpha dog" (we will someday watch these terribly wonderful movies together). You scream with delight and you always have something to say. You all of a sudden discovered you can pop right up to standing without anything to pull up on. You lean over with your head down, butt up and just push right up to standing and then laugh and look around proud! You took your first baby step on your eleventh month birthday, but that's as far as we have walking, just sweet little attempts at steps. You only have to wear your helmet at night now, yeah!! You say mamamama when you are tired or hurt and I love to come scoop you up when you do :) You love night time after dinner and go crazy crawling all over in your diaper - talking, standing and just acting like a monkey. We love you monkey may!!

Gracie Jean -- Sweet pumpkin pie - how you continue to change! You can, in the same moment, initiate laying your head down on our laps and smile so sweet, followed by whipping away your hand and arching your back because you don't want your diaper changed or your shirt put on! We are happy to see what an independent little baby you have become, but sometimes we get sad because you seem to have it all figured out on your own! But when you are hurt or tired, you are always good for a marshmallow cuddle. You are the best cruiser -- if somebody did a tutorial on cruising, you would star in it -- you pull up, carefully side step around the whole living room and stop and figure out how to bridge to the next piece of furniture by lunging forward. You have really picked up speed on your crawling and escaping up the stairs, but still move funny & slow on the tile (crawl with one knee down and one knee off the floor - very funny!) You say mama, daaa, byeeee, baaaaal (ball), uppp, and oooog (for dog). Your soft dark hair and white toddler teeth make you shine - but your spirit and soul outshine all your outer smiles and we love you for it baby girl.

Some pictures of this month in action! (excuse the spot in my camera lens,ugh!)


Our 1st pumpkin patch at Stoney Creek with Grayson,Ella, Cohen & Colsen

1st hayride...don't we look comfy?

Gracie girl 

Harper reading and saying thanks for a full belly

Yep, can feed herself with her feet

G girl zoom!

Night night with Grandma , one of my fav moments of the day 

This is how I would describe Harper - happy and just cute 

Maybe I'll take a step, when I'm ready

Quinn is master of closing doors and hiding behind them 

Happy Halloween - Our 1st! Tigger (Harper) Gracie (Pooh Bear -only because Q outgrew it before the big day) and Quinn as Eyore

Gracie's speciality - rearranging diapers and checking out the characters on each diaper

Someday I'll get out of here..

All day, every day. I want what she has.

Awe Quinn. Love that face

This is as sweet as it can get

We conquer the stairs 

A little alone time with mom while the girls sleep 

Just want to bottle it -messy hair and chaos...this is life at 10 months. Climb and be crazy

And everything is cool. Even laundry 

B.R.U.I.S.E.R (you should see the other guy, the coffee table)

Come on girls 

Harper, I'll go if you go

Gracie girl checking out her tired eyes

Harps favorite post, back and forth down the chairs 

He's had better days
Sleeping babies - nothing more precious. Nothing.

Gracie really jams on this piano - bounces and Stevie Wonder head to every song 

Watching Daddy throw a ball up - look at that wide eye interest 

She knows its cute.. 

United we stand ... one year, here we come 

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