Sunday, January 22, 2012


I know - soooo behind on keeping up with the life & times of the Hackman trio. But I've sort of been busy raising three one year olds...

As we work on saying goodbye to bottles at the one year mark - all I want to do is "bottle" everything.

I really wish you could bottle certain smells (newborn head and freshly bathed toddler hair), certain sounds (newborn cries or "mama" from the mouth of a white tiny toothed one year old) and certain feelings (mooshy warm newborn bodies on your chest or big one year old bodies , finally motionless, while asleep with arms wrapped tightly around your neck).

But you know, you can't.

So - until I sit down & actually try to journal all the changes that hit at one year (impossible), here is a glimpse and a memory to look back on. My favorite time - Goodnight Moon time...

Quinn, Harper & Gracie - what a pleasure it is to be your mommy

(please excuse our annoying attempts at getting our kids to hug by saying "aweee" and also my AWESOME hair, again I'm raising babies & don't leave for days sometimes...)

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