Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today was a fairytale...

Well, maybe if Cinderella had triplets...

The last 24 hours -

Meet Grayson our buddy, FINALLY. Quinn needs to catch up so he doesn't get beat up... Go on a walk with Aunt Lauren - screw up our naps and get fussy and foreshadow the night ahead.

Grayson meet Quinn...catching up quickly so he can hang 

Baths last night to "Calm" down babies to work on "going down" (3rd night in cribs upstairs out of our rooms!) "Calming" resulted in no sleep for 2 out of 3 babies from 6 pm until hmmm.. 10, 11? What went so wrong, we will never know.. All the while Harper the overachiever sleeps like, well, a baby. Tonight is overall frustrating but the baths with us as a family made my heart feel warm. Scott danced to Jack Johnson with the babies on deck for the bath and they all smelled so soft & sweet.
Dancing with Daddy

Harpertime. 1 baby down (notice it is a team sport, noone gets out dry)
Quinner..I promise he was relaxed and not in fear

Gracie Pie cuddled up

A little post bath cuddle in Harpers crib to get warm 

It is true, you will do anything to make your baby sleep. As in the mobiles are on their way, lets try a playmat jungle.
Toast for dinner.

The morning comes..Gracie wakes up so happy and just kicks & plays on the mat! (First time ever a baby woke up to play and NOT be in immediate need of feeding their hunger!)

I feed Quinn and hurry to get him ready only to remember, I am not in control of when I leave the house. Getting our cute outfit on for our Strollerstrides class, he pees all over my shirt and while I drop my mouth open in shock, you guessed it, peed in my mouth. Wow.

Lets go workout mom
Strollerstrides - Quinn seriously watches the moms do jumping jacks while he sits in his stroller with his eyebrows arched and smiling. How does he already know he likes this? Mama about dies running laps and feels like the fat kid in gym class.

Starbucks on the way home..ah.

Amy, our mama's helper is here today - bottles are made and I can shower. Babies are fed and actually nap in cribs. The house finally starts to look a little more recognizable.

Playtime in the loft with sun shining in -- I do the MOST ridiculous faces, sounds and noises to get any smiles I can get cracked. I really do work for my commissions were good - smiles from all

I conquer the 5 pm and 8 pm witching hour feedings alone & survive.

Babies are sweet in the sunroon as they stare up at their swings and are content as the suns sets.

I get projectile spitup and I cry because Harper doesn't even act like it phased her and it sooo phased me. I cuddle her extra long and love her snuggly self.

Daddy is home with Scottys take out. I order a wrap with ranch on the side (all I really want is the ranch..I really haven't eaten a real meal today. THEY F.O.R.G.E.T my ranch. I realize I need to get out of the house because the ranch was supposed to be the exciting part of my night.

I attempt to swaddle and put "down" -- and we start again..Harper, peaceful and dreaming of ponies. Gracie - kicking and staring at the wall (no crying, a move in the right direction)  Quinn, eats another ounce or two (really, 5 or 6 ozs, Quinn?) I think we are good..nope, he is still up and just wants held - I'm in the nursery rocking again..2 of 3 down. And all of a sudden I remember the stretch in my belly when they were growing in their and in the rocker by the window with the streetlight coming in I can see all their little faces. Even though this is so hard I want to cry sometimes, today I am so complete and so thankful for this happy ending that is really a new beginning...

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