Monday, April 25, 2011

4 months and an end to the 4th trimester

(yep, a novel. there IS three babies! Seriously, annoyingly long, I apologize)

4 month starting lineup!

Quinn Scott - 17 lbs 25 1/2 inches

Harper Jo - 12.7 lbs 23 1/2 inches

Gracie Jean - 14.7 lbs 24 1/2 inches

A sneak peek into catching a good photo of three babies that just happen to all be squirmy 4 month olds..

In our usual monthly snapshot spread...hmmm. Harper, "I love my feet".  Quinn "Help." Gracie "Yaaaawn."

Add props? Nope.

Change locations? Harper "I WANT MY FEET!" Quinn "Mom, you are hilarious!" Gracie "Quinn, stop encouraging her"
Getting to 4 months has felt like we crawled out of the fog from the first 3 months of hibernation and chaos...sometimes referred to as that 4th trimester. This is where babies need fed & changed every 3 hours around the clock without giving much back -  they are still sort of cooking, sleeping and finishing up what they started in the womb (especially our babies since they got evicted a month early anyways!) Don't get me wrong, sometimes I'm sad they hold their head up off my chest now instead of being snoogly and oogly and morphing to you. In fact, when did the transition to hip held babies happen??

What's been going on around here???

Lots of smiling and gooing, ooing and aahing.  The best smile watching time is 1st thing in the morning - big open mouth smiles that just say "Hey, thanks for getting up to love us another day!" It's so weird that all of a sudden when you put them all on their play mat they all jabber and giggle and kick until they can't kick anymore. Lots of rolling over (still only from back to belly...Harper is close to the reverse & can do if propped:) ) Lots of grabbing at hanging things or moms shirt..although we haven't quite learned to "grab and go on to the next".. it's a grab & hold on for dear life because they think they may never get to grab again. My favorite grab is when you go to put a pacifier in a sleepy mouth and they quickly grab your hand with both hands as to keep your touch there while they fall asleep..It melts me! Giggles that come out like "he,he,he" & straight from the belly. Squeels. Tummy time with strong heads & love to look at books or flashing lights on our farm when on our tummy. We grab each others hair or just place a hand on somebodys chest and sometimes even grab eyeballs, ouch! We got baptized and were just perfect little babies for the occasion! We started, sadly, to lose our dark hair :( We sport mullets right now. We have movie Fridays & watch Baby Einstein up in our loft, but mom doesn't let us have popcorn yet. We had our first sickness :( Quinn had to spend 2 nights at Riley...but DID NOT have RSV (thankfully) and really just got observed. Daddy had fun with just the girls while Quinn & Mommy spent time at the hospital. No spring break for us - but lots and lots of walks outside when it's nice & we've been going out for a meal about once every week. We even went to Patachou and to the mall on our 4 month birthday! The comments are always entertaining when out...but people with triplets get to live too, right? Winner of the month: Walks straight up to our table, looks at the babies and says, "I feel so bad for you.." Hmm, thanks. (Still working on our perfect catch all comeback). As much as I love the morning, there is nothing I look forward to more than kissing each of those sleeping heads a few hours after they've fallen asleep.


Day starts around 7 am, throw in a few naps (some good, some bad, some non-existent), mom up to cribs, mom down from cribs, repeat until bedtime. Asleep by 8 pm.  Do it all again.


All on the same formula and all of Neosure (the preemie formula). Eating Similac Sensitive. Quinn 7 ozs / Harper 5 ozs on a good day / Gracie 6 1/2-7 ozswould eat 10 ozs if we let her

And to each baby...

Quinn Scott -- Mr. Quinn. You win everybody's heart with your big open mouth smile and happy eyes. You are the baby boy that they would put in a baby commercial - kicking, chubby, smiling, cooing and happy. You LOVE to be talked to and you may love it even more to talk back. You get serious about your talking and your mouth goes into an o shape and will coo and ooo for 5 mins with increasing volume as to say, "Listen to me, I have an opinion!" It was the worst to see you in your little peach gown in the hospital, but you smiled the whole time and got better pretty quickly. The nurses all loved you and you would smile and flirt with them. Mama held you almost the whole 2 days you spent at the hospital & couldn't leave your side! You were breathing so fast & had to do breathing treatments! Mama made you eat anytime those eyes were IV for you! Daddy & your sisters really missed you. You rolled over so early and then just stopped! When we asked the doctor why you stopped, he said you were maybe just a little chubby at 17 lbs to be flopping over very easily :) You are again, finally. You just keep growing like a puppy! You are in 9 month clothing! Your best time is in the morning and you always, always wake up with  kicking feet and a smile from ear to ear. You are the biggest cuddler

Harper Jo-- Oh Harper. You are like a little sunshine that if not given a nap or forced to take a bottle can hide behind a cloud ;) You get 2 pictures this month to show just how stubborn you are! I always say you are a baby that knows what you want... and this baby DOES NOT want to smile for a picture on the chair! Such a smiley baby until on the chair for a picture! But put you in the crib with your mobile and boom, instant grin! (Notice Harper is really starting to notice those feet & they are much more fun than smiling for a picture!) You also are smiley in the morning and for sure are the early bird of the group! You can't wait to get up and hang out with your mobile friends in the morning. You love your crib and will fall asleep so easily as soon as you are placed in their when you are tired- you sleep so peacefully. You also love to kick & squeel & grab at hanging fish in the ocean playmat. You only cuddle when you are really sleepy. If you don't want your bottle, well lookout. Only the "milkanator" can get you to finish (mom). And oh the hours we have spent together trying to get you to eat your bottle, little girl. And then all of a sudden, I will forget the fight when you look at me with that huge grin with your little side head tilt like you are shy :) And when you cry and we just can't quite get to you because of 2 other little get little crocodile tears running down your cheeks - heartbreaking! Your eyes are staying a pretty blue and your skin is still like porcelain. We are working on keeping your little active self on your tummy because your poor little head is getting really flat on one side! From sharing a room in the womb to favoring that side of your head now, we need to get you back on track as that brain grows or we may have to sport a helmet! But you HATE tummy time and will start to twist & roll your little self before you hit the floor. always know what you want, and someday my prayer is that  you still do..and you use it to your benefit :)

Gracie Jean - little pumpkin. Oh my what a different little girl you are on sensitive formula! You are still our "Gassy Gracie"(sorry babe) but you are so peaceful, content & smiley now! For the baby that waited 2 weeks after your brother & sister to finally smile (seriously started to wonder if you would ever smile) you are such a sweet little giggler and grinner now! You have the sweetest little he,he laugh and you mostly like to laugh at Daddy, your hero. In fact, you do like to be held, but when that guy Daddy holds you, you look proud and as content as can be. You look just like him! Your dark hair is finally falling out and your eyes are mostly still blue with specks of brown. You are such a funny baby to watch.. some of our favorite things to watch you do (if you knew how you make us laugh!) -- when you grab onto your pacifier and hold & protect it while you suck away...  when you yawn and your mouth gets so wide & then you let out the sweetest and loudest "ahhhhhhhh" (like a lion yawning - mamas favorite!) and then another favorite is your "I'm tired" whine ... like a tired bird.. "caaa...coooowww...caaaooo." So sweet. You LOVE to chew on your hands and try to stick that whole fist in there! And wow do you like to eat. You will finish 6-7 ozs in 5-10 minutes. And the burps that follow..oh my! Your head is so strong on your tummy and you take tummy time like a champ. And when you swing or hang out in your crib, you just jabber and make sweet singing noises. You often have a face like you are really thinking.. I just can't wait to know what those thoughts are Gracie girl!

And finally, an obnoxious amount of pictures from month 3... again, theres 3 of them!

the 1st time Harper held a toy and worked her biceps

My 2 favorite boys - the morning we got released from Riley

The sunshine side of Harper

Dads hat. Not because its cute. Because it actually fits. 

Dinner @ Scottys - Gracie can't believe she found a ceiling fan, what luck!

A peaceful spring day 

One of the 1sst times a smile was shared to one another 

Just a chat.. our version of The View 

Of course Harper wants to feed herself

Dad, I'm marrying you 

The day I prayed for something easy...and my angels showed up (following Riley & a long week!) 

Look closely...since there were three of my friends here, every baby got a nap holder..Harper was so relaxed she drooled...

The world through rose colored glasses 

Why not get a nose stud? (yes, its fake before you judge)

It was time to graduate to a sitting bath for Quinn. Next stop, chiropractor. 

I love this bath 

Baptism Day - The girls wore Grandma Richards dresses from when she was a baby! Very cool & beautiful!

Gracie's post baptism party outfit 

And Quinns...

Quinn: "Big boys are so cool." Grayson" Does this kid do anything?"

And finally..Harper, the after party

The Cousins (well..some of them..)

Harper loving life outside in the breeze with Grandpa

The life. Napping outside after party 


Do you even know how cool this thing is?

Movie Time!

We never match..but when it's this cute???!!

Ok, maybe sometimes we match. Gracie just wants to make sure Harper isn't going anywhere

Oh the cuddles...I'll take them

Gracie, what are you thinking?

A little song after a bath
Protecting the Paci


  1. Kristin- you amaze me. I feel like I am doing good to check my facebook and email once a week, but for you to do all that you are doing and keep up this beautiful record of your little miracles is inspiring. What a blessed life you lead-

  2. Awesome post Kristin!! They are so sweet and sooooo happy...those smiles are beyond precious. We'll have to meet at Scotty's some weekend soon....we're regulars there and in fact Tatum told her teacher that Scotty's is her favorite restaurant ha!