Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dancing & Singing

I often feel guilty and spread out thin with loving three equally. Something I'm really working on. I am trying to really be present with one baby at a time & then also enjoy playing with all 3 sometimes. Things like diaper changes, books at night, bath time or even crying fits often present themselves as one on one time.

My newest and most favorite one on one time is singing a whole song to one baby. They love the eye contact & all seem to "favor different songs" (who knows, just seems that way!). Gracie loves "Part of Your World " and will almost always smile when you sing it to her. Quinn will really smile at just about anything and Harper really likes to be whistled to!

This morning was one of my favorite moments...we all got a dance in & it was magic for our naps.

The girls and I especially had a good moment this morning... if you have a baby daughter, this song will get you. Check it out -- Little Miss Magic by Jimmy Buffett. I have cried to this song since I was pregnant.. and still do. Who knew Jimmy was deeper than just cheeseburgers & margaritas?

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