Friday, April 15, 2011

Triplets, sleeping through the night???

Well..I've been wondering since the day they were born when and if this would happen in perfect harmony, if ever...

Mark the calendar - April 14th...the Hackman trio slept 12 hours in a row - as if they planned when to go to sleep & when to wake up together!! I of course, did not sleep at all because I was busy putting my finger under their nose to check for warm breathing..while Scott was in dreamland. Why were dads born without the innate ability that moms were, to worry themselves, even during sleep? 

I have to say, embarking on 4 months has felt like we are nearing the end of the tunnel. The light is shining, finally! The tunnel that was full of dark, winter days with no way out of the house. No release from groundhog's day and no end to feedings 24/7, nothing in return and a little thing called hormones. What a blur the first few months are! When did these little sweetpeas crawl out of my belly?? 

The babies are now smiling, laughing, cooing all the time and seem to really know who WE are. (Quinn may know it all too well..just this week a mysterious cry pops up when I leave the room but is suddenly back to a smile upon my return...). Of course the extra zzz's at night help. But life seems to finally be a little better. I finally feel lighter - literally and rhetorically speaking. I have been able to workout & get out on walks everyday that it is nice. 

The biggest thing is that I think I'm finally seeing a little more clearly and not being so hard on myself. I have always been my worst critic, but now that I am a mommy (and an instant mommy of 3) I have to really work to be a cheerleader and have patience with not only my babies, but with myself. It's too bad it took me to almost 4 months to really be proud to say "I breast fed triplets for 8 weeks" instead of " I ONLY breast fed for 8 weeks". I think back to the days they were getting breast milk and it makes me feel so proud & happy. I can also start to take credit for just how good & happy my babies are. They are on a great sleep & eat schedule and are generally happy (yes, there are those 'other' days..) but they really are great babies, whether anyone else thinks it or not :) And...a pat on the back for me is finally in order for the countless hours I have logged in sweat pants, spit up and sleepless nights. They don't just get on a schedule and smile out of pure luck, right???!! I'm not bragging, and there is no badge. This is simply something I wanted to share because if you are in the secret society of "this is really hard to be a mom and people can tell you that, but you don't get it until you are one" club -- I want you to pat yourself on the back. It is very much a thankless job. You are the boss of not only yourself everyday, but of your precious little ones that you hope to shape into happy, well adjusted little human beings. And hope on the other end they come out thinking you are semi cool and may go in public with you. (They have to think it's cool we dance to Madonna Pandora, right?) And if you have ever heard the saying ... " When you are the boss of yourself -- your boss is crazy" -- it could never be more true than when you are "Boss Mom". So if you are reading this and you are a mom, stop for a minute and give yourself credit. Reflect on all that is hard and pull out what you did that was really great.  It feels so much better than beating yourself up for not getting laundry done or for not getting to a cry in .3 seconds in the middle of the night or for really wanting to watch Ellen during playtime... (Oh, Ill speak for myself) And then...tell your "boss" you need a day off :)

PS..just for fun... my constant name for my 3 peas in a pod are sweetpea.. thought I would share our favorite morning song -- it's a happy song, and we all need a happy song! :)

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  1. Great post, you deserve to brag! Thanks for making us reflect on what an amazing, and difficult, job it is to be a mom.