Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our First Easter & The Wiggle Room

We actually got up, got dressed and made it to church for our 1st Easter service as a family!

In our Sunday hats & bonnets... Quinn, Gracie & Harper 
It helped we got there a little early & ate bottles in our seats 20 mins before the service. We sat down in front to have room for the car seats...probably good and bad for us, since, as always, we were quite the spectacle. The pastor (who always seems larger than life in our HUGE church..Dave Rod at Grace CC for those that know him) came over and made a point to say, Hey, thanks for stealing the show and sitting down front..(with a big smile) & told us how gorgeous the babies were :) And then the choir came out and all stared (later to find out that they had put the video on the babies for them to see backstage! Geez...the life of celebrities ;)

Easter is always one of my favorite holidays, but this Easter was great for different reasons. No candy, no easter eggs and not even an Easter Dinner (unless Starbucks counts?). But we stood in church as a family singing and giving thanks to God while we celebrate the basis of all that we believe. I couldn't help but have vivid flashes of the first breath of life (x3) that happened this past December 16th and just stand in awe of all of our mysterious and wonderful blessings.

Our friends had told us about a "wiggle room" where you take crying babies during the service. As we stood as a family, the babies looked around at the lights and music, perfectly content...but I had uncontrollable tears in front of the whole church because I felt so truly blessed this Easter...wondering if I should just go visit the wiggle room... ?

Some pictures of our bunnies :)

Gracie, Q & Harps

G,Q,H - Ready to Eat like little birds!

One Easter Basket..

Two Easter Basket...

Three Easter Basket!

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