Monday, December 6, 2010

34 weeks!! 1st of a few goals...

To follow up to my last post of gratitude...we are SOOO thankful to hit a HUGE milestone of 34 weeks today. I remember clearly sitting in our Dr's office at our first visit with her at 12 weeks...and she said "we are lucky and SO happy to get you to 32 with triplets, but if we can get 34 we are very happy..."

We are here! Good job babies!!

Weights: Although I'm stuffing my face, my weight has stayed the same for the last 3 weeks. So I am at a solid 60 lbs gained. I'm trying to get these babies fat!! Babies will get measured again a week from today.

Babies: All scored 8/8 on biophysical ultrasound today. Baby C was stubborn with movement, but she finally picked up..will she be our stubborn one?? :)

Me: Blood pressure pretty steady, goes up sometimes but is of no concern and never that high. Cervix stable at 2.1. Barely any contractions..just some small ones in the evening. I feel great and really only get a little uncomfortable at night.

Sleep and Eating: Not that excited about much food, but trying to eat every couple hours. So sad that even junk food doesn't do it for me. However, Toll House Choc. chip cookies have been my friend. I sleep really well every night and sneak naps in during the day (thank you God, I know this is not normal and the nurses push Ambien on my every night in disbelief that I don't need it..but come on, I won't be sleeping for 5 years, this is only fair)

Biggest update of all... If.. I mean WHEN we get to next Monday (35 weeks) we can go home and just wait to go into labor like a normal person!! That would be the biggest blessing of all.. a few nights in my own bed and maybe I can actually nest a little! So our prayers this week are to get to 35 and be set free!

Christmas Wish List: Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is 3 babies... healthy, 35+ weekers, all over 5 lbs. and home by Christmas :)

Again, and as always, thank you for your prayers and positive works!!!

View from my bed to outside world from hospital bed 

View from my own little Christmas tree 

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