Tuesday, December 14, 2010

35 weeks!!!

35 wks, 1 day 
This is beyond our wildest dreams that we have made it to week 35! In fact, my contractions have gone way down, so I don't know that those babies want out in the cold :)

Now, mama on the other hand..I have finally hit the wall of all of those things that people talk about in pregnancy... swollen hands and sometimes my feet, little swollen in my face and really stuffy (and apparently now a snorer, so I hear) and my back feels so weak. Those babies finally just feel really heavy. And, I really am leaning to the left! I am the leaning tower of baby! They have gone from babies to dinosaurs moving in there!

The babies continue to look great in their scans, all scored 8/8 yesterday. My BP was a little high and I have been feeling not very well in comparison to how I have been feeling, so I got checked into triage. They took my blood to check levels for preeclampsia. My BP lowered and my blood tested out fine, but I will go back Thursday to get re-checked against the levels from yesterday. They said I could be leaning towards preeclampsia, or not..just need to keep an eye on it. This could be one reason we deliver this week.

And I finally lost that amazing ability to doze off in comfortable sleep...however, early this morning I got to sleep a really full solid hour cuddled against Scott because it somehow supported my back! Maybe God wanted us to have one last spooning before we share our bed forever :)

A visit @ hospital from Ella, Cohen & Colsen
The house is full of baby gear and clothes and Scott accidentally used the Dreft on our bed sheets...so I am loving the motivation of baby smell and sights that means real life sweet babies will be here with us soon!
Delivery Day for Baby Raya Weaver!

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