Friday, December 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

What a week!

Monday..we are asked "What do you think about going home"? At first, nervous..but as the days passed by..very antsy to get home to our soft bed, soft toilet paper, soft towels, soft carpet and a soft husband next to me in bed :)

Wednesday.. one of my dearest friends was planning to visit me after her 38 week appt at the hospital. The hours roll by and I wonder where she is..well, by 6 pm she calls to say she is checked in RIGHT below me on the 4th floor!! What a crazy turn of events..we started trying to get pregnant the same month, went through many months of ups & downs, and then ended up doing the same procedure with the same practice and  got pregnant within 5 weeks of each other.. and here we are, a floor apart in the hospital! She was a rock star & delivered a sweet baby girl by the next afternoon..with only 4 pushes!! I was able to literally stalk her labor from my room because my nurse could give me updates from the I felt like I was there! What a high! So happy for you Laura!! Baby Raya is perfect!!

Thursday.. see my Dr. and she says if all goes well at your ultrasound, you are out of here!! She hugs us and we are off to our ultrasound. GREAT NEWS...babies look great and all score 8/8 on their biophysical profiles. Drum roll for estimated weight..

Baby Boy - 5.6 lbs
Baby Girl B - 5 lbs
Baby Girl C - 5.7 lbs

Mind you, these are estimates..but still great news!

By 5:30, we have a suitcase packed, a cart full of stuff and me in a wheelchair actually sad to be leaving my nurses! They have been so great and I feel like so many of them have become my friends! Too bad I can't bring a couple of them home :)

In bed by 8 watching the Colts with Scott with our little tree set up in the corner of our bedroom (a poor display compared to my normal over the top Christmas deco..but it will do because now we have bouncer seats, pack & plays and swings decorating everything)

So now we wait! No planned c-section (unless we reach 38, which is a joke and makes Scott nervous that we would miss our tax deductions..ha ha). I would be happy with 35 or 36...and would be happy to deal with the chaos of NO NICU!

As always, thanks for your prayers and thoughts!!


  1. Yay! Welcome home! And thanks for the update on Raya, I hadn't heard how the labor went for Laura but it sounds like it was a piece of cake :) Enjoy your time at home, I am so happy for all of you that you reached your goal of 35 weeks, absolutely amazing.

  2. BIG HUGS to you! I am so happy to read that you are home resting comfortably. Keep truckin' as the human incubator. XO - Traci