Thursday, December 2, 2010


 My hormones are making me sappy..I know, but after feeling so bad last week on the magnesium, I'm feeling so good this week that I just have to take a minute and express how grateful I am. Grateful for how much God has blessed us not only with three healthy growing babies that are trucking along so well, but for the whole journey that has been provided to us because of these three little lives.

I daily hear of a new person I've never met that is praying for us, following our story and or sending us positive vibes. Our friends and family are truly pulling for us, as well as our doctors, nurses, moms in my multiples group and my new "bed rest buddies" at the hospital. I have always believed in prayer and the power of positive thinking, but when the nurses come in and are baffled that we are still here, it's all I can "blame" for why we are still doing so well. I wish I could physically see all the thoughts, prayers and energy coming our way -- I think it would light up the sky! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you if you are reading this.. for everything you have done.

Little did we know that day...
I may sound annoyingly positive, but really, this journey has taught Scott and I so much. We may still be in our "honeymoon phase" while only being married for 3 years..but we test out of at least 4 or 5 years of newly being married after this experience. Scott has seen me voluntarily and involuntarily be the most disgusting person in the world, gain over 60 lbs, cry until I'm shaking, make the dumbest comments and forget important things, need to have food wiped off my face, need fed and feet rubbed, held my hand at every ultrasound we have ever had and so much more I won't even write here. And after all of this, he isn't scared or altered. He doesn't look at me any different. In fact, he looks at me like I'm still his 128 lb, cute, self-sufficient and fun bride. And I look at him and thank God he is my partner in this and the father of these three babies.

I feel like I'm on the 11th mile of a half marathon (never ran a full, so this is my best comparison). Yeah, I'm tired, but I am alive, capable and have just done a lot more work than most will ever do in their life - so I feel pretty dang good. At mile 8 you aren't totally sure your body will provide for you.. you are tired, scared and can't even fathom the finish line. But at mile 11, you have way more behind you than in front of you..the finish line is real and you can taste how good it will feel. It doesn't scare you anymore to finish the race. It's yours to have and you feel like smiling. I don't want to jinx myself, but I have picked up speed and I feel like I can do the last 2.1 miles (= 2 more weeks, putting us at around 35 weeks). Even if the babies decide to come earlier, I know we have done the journey together.. and however we finish, it will be the 5 of us and we will be a victory.

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