Tuesday, October 12, 2010

26 wks, 1 day & Rice Krispie Treats

I haven't done much updating the past week and a half.. which is good because not much has happened!

We did have our pics taken at 24 weeks - our photographer is amazing -- here is a link to our favorites on her blog.. http://footprintsofgrace.com/blog/?p=1949

Contractions went up a bit - so my trebutaline was upped a little bit, but I'm getting used to the shaky hands and I sleep right through it. I get about 3 contractions every night and about 1 in the morning - not sure why, but that' s what seems to be the norm. I get the treasured cervix length today.. so will hopefully have good news there. My goal was to get to 28 wks w/ no strict bed rest, so almost there!

Little baby girl C moves I know, from the ultrasound, but I don't feel her much! Especially compared to karate kid baby girl B - I feel her all day everyday - and love watching my belly dance from her. Baby boy A is starting to introduce himself with big bumps and rolling over feelings. He also is breech, which means his feet are dancing not only on my bladder...but another area that feels pretty
odd.. if you can figure that out. They all have figured out how to ball up and stick either their head or butt up, which sometimes feels really uncomfortable! I know it's getting tight guys, just 60 more days until our goal to get you out! Sometimes when they move up to my stomach I can sort of cup my hands around a baby...almost like I can "hold" one of their sweet little bodies.

My glucose (gestational diabetes) and iron tests came back normal! Yeah! I feel really good, considering I'm tipping the scales at 50 lbs gained (a mere 60 lbs heavier than my wedding day 3 years ago) and have 3 lives growing in there. I get around pretty good still and feel the most heavy at night when I want to roll over, which happens I think like every 30 minutes! The peeing isn't even the bad part, I only get up once a night, like clockwork at 4:30 to pee. My blood pressure is good and still no real swelling. My hands have just grown, not really big and swollen like sausages, just bigger. I stopped wearing my ring because I couldn't stomach for it to get stuck. I did wear it out for our big 1 hr trip to Maggiano's last week for our 3 yr anniversary...which was nice but a poor version of how we would have normally celebrated :) An hour in and out and right in bed when we got home. However, blood orange Italian soda is bubbly and so good
that I felt like I had champagne! The picture to the right is at 25 weeks .. celebrating our anniversary ..with my beautiful roses from Scott. 3 white in the middle for 3 life changing years and 3 life changing bundles in my belly.

I have been SO thankful for the help we have had with the most simple things -- meals, unloading the dishwasher and cleaning our sheets and making our bed. My mom and dad were great help this weekend and cooked for a full day so we have meals to freeze and eat! Tracy, Scott's sister, and his niece Lindsay came in and made us yummy BLTs and fresh fruit and left casseroles and steak! They even swept and folded laundry and made us a clean bed. And my new friend Jenny brings me lunch every week - sometimes twice a week! She is an angel I met out of the blue! In fact today, she brought me rice krispie treats...oh my goodness.. I didn't even know this was a craving until I had them! I am sitting here eating them like I've never had them. I will say the consistent cravings I have, have been comfort food from childhood -- anything from fish sticks to brownies to pizza rolls. And cheese has really stood by me.. I can always eat anything with cheese. (Healthy, I know.) So to my helpers - I thank you and want you to know the little things are the big things right now!

We are off to get the babies weighed today -- I can't wait to see how big they are! I will update later!

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