Friday, October 29, 2010

28 wks 3 days - Change of Plans

Scott & I thought we were going in for a quick cervical scan to have a surprising outcome - my cervix had dropped in one week from 3.4 to 2.4. Anything around or under 2.5 is not a good # for the week I am at. We also had a moment of fear when our Maternal Fetal Specialist got called in to do the u/s herself on Baby B because they couldn't find the beautiful membranes they always brag about around her. They were fearful her fluid had decreased, but in the end, Dr. D. thinks the fluid is just hard to see behind this baby. They checked the doppler of the umbilical cord of all babies and it seemed they were all ok. With the combination of my cervix and Baby B giving us a challenge, she quickly determined I should be admitted. (Very non- chalantly at that .. Scott and I thought she said, "I have to admit.." like a statement, but nope, she meant I am not going home. )

For the 1st few hours I was just business and trying to figure out what happened .. but I must have gone a little crazy in my mind with fear and the unknown coming in around us because I asked Scott who would feed Magoo (Magoo is in heaven eating dog candy since March) and then told the nurse I was Kristin Richards, my maiden name. However, all in all, my "check-in" to Hotel Community wasn't so bad. Just a lot and not planned for and certainly no bag packed in the car. I got assigned a room and my OBGYN is so awesome that she came over after a long day and sat with me to make sure I felt OK about everything. She said the babies looked great and not to worry about the fluid. We are going to check the fluid again on Monday when we do the u/s growth for the babies. (One good thing is that I'm on the same floor across the way from my Maternal Fetal Specialist, so they come to me for scans now).

My Dr checked me for being dilated.. and she said she couldn't get her finger up to baby's head, so that was good. Although Baby Boy is SO low that we can't see the top of his head on the normal u/s. We need to keep him behaving and not heading up "operation get us out of here" for awhile. I got swabbed for Group Strep B, got my first of two steroid shots to develop all baby's lungs, got an IV put in (one of my least favorite things) and got all the normal stat stuff done. I also got hooked up to FOUR monitors - one for each baby's heartbeat and then one that I will wear non-stop for contractions. Heartbeats get checked 2 x day for 30 mins each and of course contractions all day and all night.

My contractions went nuts last night. I am pretty sure I've been having more at home and didn't know it. From the time I checked in until about 10 or 11, I was having up to 9-10 contractions an hour. They were big enough I had to breathe through them and in my gut they felt more like what I imagine labor contractions to feel like - just more "pushing down" feeling. We turned up the dose of my tributaline, and I put on calming music and stopped talking, and by about midnight or 1 am, they had gone way down. I get big contractions when my bladder is full, so if I have big contractions in my sleep, my nurse will see on the monitor and wake me up to empty my bladder....and this seems to really take them down.

Scott continues to be a trooper. His head was spinning and of course dropped everything to go home and get what I needed and then come stay the night with me. He has his only little area to sleep -- but it doesn't look so comfortable :) We are just trying to figure it all out, but somehow we both slept really good for at least 5 hours. The room feels more like a hotel room so it's nice to not feel like we are in a hospital room. I am lucky and got a room w/ an outside view which is nice too.

I woke up feeling very at peace for where I am. I think there is a lot going on that I just can't be sure of at home. I really think this will help to lengthen the pregnancy. My only complaint is the worst heartburn I've ever had because you can't bring in medicine from home..but they will bring in Milk of Magnesium which at least helped me sleep. My nurses have been really great. The only other thing I am a little sad about is that I wish I would have known that last night was probably the last night Scott and I could lay in our quiet bed together for maybe many years :) He always plays with my hair or rubs my back so I can fall asleep..too bad there is only room for me in my hospital bed :(

I just ordered my first breakfast... off to start my first day! I feel weird like I should tip all these people helping me...

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