Wednesday, October 20, 2010

27 wks 2 days - Hope the Bed Rest Bugs Don't Bite

I knew it was coming at some point...and my goal was to get to 28 wks w/ no required bed rest..however, the team just got benched yesterday at 5 days short of my goal.

My 27 wk appt was my first not perfect report card. My cervix had dropped from 3.7 last week to 3.1 this week. (Still not a HUGE deal, a benchmark for an acceptable cervix at this point is 2.5) I had two measurements where one was 3.1 and one was closer to 3.9 ... however, since the cervix, as I have learned is like an ever moving rubber-band, and since my cervix touched in at 3.1 at all, it is not a good thing. That means it has the capability to go and stay that short. I may have been contracting when they measured, which would make it shorter, but with three bambinos, they are extra cautious. In addition to that, my uterus measures at 39 weeks (maybe I'm more miserable than I let on), so my body is a little confused. It thinks it's go time! We have to trick it back to 27 wks. So bed rest for me. Only allowed bathroom trips and showers every couple of days. I was almost doing this anyways..but it was nice to have the freedom to get in the car every couple of days. At least I still get my weekly dr appt at the hospital - I'll get to feel fresh air from the car to the door! One other thing we will do soon is get the shots to develop the babies lungs just in case. You get one shot and then another shot 24 hours. I know the babies are working hard at getting their lungs ready.. we saw Baby girl C get serious hiccups yesterday ( I still can't feel that baby girl!) and we have seen both other babies "practice breathing" -- which is really good.

This morning I had 4 contractions in an hour, so I got a double dose of my medicine (so I'm going a little crazy sitting alone in bed right now) and I have to re-monitor to see if they went down. I go back Friday to get my cervix checked again and my Dr. said pack a bag "just in case.." AH!! What happened this week? I know it's all worth it, but seems to be adding up a little more as the weeks go by. This morning I made a countdown calendar to keep my spirits up. I also am thinking about taking up crochet and finishing my book I started. Only 52 more days to go until our goal date - 12/11/10!!

Also.. many of you have asked how you can help once I'm on bed rest or after the babies are here..well, I hate asking for help - but the hardest thing for me right now is feeding me and the babies all the calories and protein we need to grow them! So my sister-in-law has set up an online meal registry for us! If you would like to help, we sincerely appreciate it, and this should be an easy way to do so :) You just visit the link and sign up for a date! If you have questions - just contact me and I will put you in touch with my sister-in-law who is heading it up! Here is the link -
Thanks for your support and prayers to get these babies big and healthy and in our arms NOT until December :)

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