Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weighing in at 26 weeks

From 6 wks to 26 wks..

Look what triplets can do! There's a pilates teacher in there somewhere...

Weight Update!!

Baby Boy A - 2 lbs 4 oz / heart rate 160 (grew 13 ozs since 23 weeks)

Baby Girl B - 2 lbs / heart rate 161 (grew 10 ozs since 23 weeks)

Baby Girl C - 2 lbs 4 oz / heart rate 147 (grew 10 ozs since 23 weeks)

Still all above 80th percentile within the charts of a singleton's progress. I'm so proud of them! As you can see, heart rates do not predict gender! My boy has a "girl" heart rate and my girl c has a "boy" heart rate!

My cervix has not changed in a week (3.7) = really good news! Even with my minor contractions I'm having, it is holding up. They press on your uterus to mimic a contraction while you have the probe in to see if your cervix funnels and mine seems to stay the same. So good job cervix.

In other news, crying has come on all of a sudden. I bust into tears last night because Scott was watching poker and baseball and because I just wasn't sure if my skin would ever stretch big enough for 3 babies. Followed by my body reaching what felt like 120 degree heat and then an attack of starvation.. followed by chef Scott's frozen pizza in bed at midnight. And then this morning, I decided during my hour of monitoring, I would turn the Today show off and do guided pregnancy meditation on youtube ... which is great -- except it made me so connected I cried! But a happy cry! Which you don't really understand until you are an adult.. and now that I am a mother to be, I really understand crying because you are happy. In fact, crying may become involun
tary when you are pregnant.

Since we are crazy people and NOT doing a nursery (I have accepted this against my desire to nest) and waiting until we move in a new house... this is where everything baby lives -- in the baby loft! We have been so blessed with so many great things and cute clothes! I at least have this space to stare at and imagine what life will be like when they get here :) Check out that twin brest friend feeding pillow in the bottom right - this pillow is a serious feeding device - it straps around your back and even has pockets for water bottles and your cell phone. Between this and my much researched humidifier on the way this week, life is exciting :) Sad, I'm serious..

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  1. Kristin~ You are just too adorable! What an exciting season. ;) I'm praying for you all today girl!