Saturday, October 23, 2010

27 wks 5 days update

Good news w/ my visit to the specialist yesterday - my cervix stayed stable from my bed rest, so I was able to come back home and just keep doing what I'm doing! My cervix stayed around 3.2 ish.

Of course, while there, we got to check in on our crew. It was the most active they have ever been during an u/s - I could feel all of them going crazy and they were kicking so hard the tech and her wand kept getting knocked. They must have been wanting privacy! And for the first time ever, I cried during an u/s. I wanted to cry when I heard their heartbeats the first time and when I saw them move or when I learned the sexes.. but none of that did it. It was an image of ALL of their tiny (but not so tiny, really) feet kicking at each other and just looking so sweet. It just made me so happy and it hit me that these really are OUR babies and they are REAL! And they were the cutest feet I've ever seen in my life.

Other than that.. life on bed rest isn't so bad. So far this is what life has looked like from bed/the couch..

-lots of great visitors that take my mind off everything! Thanks everyone! I have loved seeing my best friends and their babies and family members! Thanks for the baby and toddler energy and conversation Lauren, Tracy and Abby :)

-Food!! It's what I look forward to! (In small doses because when baby c moves up, my stomach actually gurgles when I eat too much) But have had serious cravings for quiche in the morning (hard to find!) and have been eating peanut butter cookies for "dessert" after breakfast..(thanks Mick :) ) Still love my icy cold water and it's been my #1 craving the whole pregnancy.

- Sore! Laying around makes those 50 lbs harder to carry. Not terrible pain, but my in-home prenatal massage was really nice yesterday. Last night I learned my yoga cat and cow stretches are not allowed anymore, I seriously got stuck because I hurt my back so bad. It was comical but was the worst pain I've had during this pregnancy. Thankfully, it went away in 20 mins. I told Scott I've never been so thankful for my strong and healthy body that I had to start with.. because otherwise, this may have been a lot harder! Mostly just hard to get a perfectly comfy spot these days.

- Mentally hanging in there! I am getting so excited to meet the babies and it's getting very real. I have my moments of feeling bad for myself, but when I feel them kick, I can't wait to feel their ears and kiss their toes!

- Power of Positive Thinking - right next to my countdown calendar (today is 49 days until 12/11/10) I have a list of positive affirmations with everything from big,healthy babies to an abundance of milk supply.

-Scott. I knew why I married him, but he is amazing right now. This is living proof of putting your spouse first. Sometimes I wonder how I can repay him, and then I remember, oh yeah, I'm growing and giving him 3 babies :)

So for now, no news is good news as every day counts! They say every one day you can keep them in is 7 less days in the NICU!

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