Sunday, October 31, 2010

End of 28 weeks.. Trick or Treat

You start to really understand the meaning of "every day counts" when things change so quickly!

We are all doing great and I so appreciate everyone that has reached out to us over the weekend. I have been pretty exhausted getting used to everything, so I will pick up calling people back this week. We are so blessed to have all the support and prayers from our friends and family.

all 3 babies getting heart rates monitored..see how low Baby A is!
Those things on my leg are for circulation/prevent blood clots
24 hr/day contraction monitoring continues and I have been staying pretty much under control with those. 2 x day we get the babies heart rates monitored.. which is very comical and hard to do. Usually 1-2 nurses have to help find and keep a baby's heartbeat. When all 3 are going strong on the monitors it sounds like horses galloping. A great sound!

Yesterday we had a follow-up ultrasound to make sure fluid is OK around Baby B.. and it looks like she just wanted to give us a scare - she scored her full "2" points for fluid. Babies are checked for Fetal Biophysical profile screenings and receive points for fluid, movement,tone, breathing movement ("practicing breathing") and heart rate.

Otherwise, everyone has been great here and takes great care of us. Scott has stayed every night with me in his little dad cave in the room. It helps a lot to have him here. Yesterday the NICU came to talk w/ us about risks of preterm labor,etc.. but we are really hoping we can still get to 34-34 wks..which would put us in Hotel Community for 5 or so more weeks. Tomorrow we get a cervix check and all the baby's weight's .. so hoping November 1st brings us good news!

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