Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just me and my pump

I did not pass out of the pump, in fact, I had 4 contractions in one hour the morning after I ripped it out, so I decided to stick through all the weirdness for the sake of keeping these babies growing. I'm getting a little more used to it, but I still can't write, lay still without tremors and I have managed to rip the needle out of my leg by accident and to waste about 4 doses of medicine when changing the canister of medicine. But I'm learning...and I know the pump and I can get 10 more weeks in.

I am officially done trying to do lunches and dinners and outings. I am big, tired and feel right when I am laying. So although not officially on bed rest, I am ready to rest and incubate because my body is telling me. I am so thankful my mom came down this weekend and make our house feel normal by changing our sheets, doing the dishes, getting us grocheries and making our house feel like home with smells of a home cooked meal. It's the little things that really help!

I feel all 3 babies now - just still very sporadic and I feel baby b the most. I mostly feel baby a flip and move like bubbles.

I was invited, along with millions of my closest friends, to "attend" the Today show wedding this week. (When you aren't working, you know the Today show well). I really think it's silly they get married at 9 am on TV, but I really liked the pastors message because it reminded me to just sit back and be thankful for all that Scott and I have. He was describing the way a girl pictures her perfect wedding day, down to every last detail of the flowers, cake, dress, etc. And then he said, "and then you got this." He went on to say the same thing about life, you so vividly picture how you want things, how you see it, how you imagine it will be. And then you get what you get. He went on to say, but the reality that you get is always so much better, sweeter than what you thought you wanted and needed. I just really liked that thought. I had a vivid image of my pregnancy, the delivery and the way ONE baby may feel on my chest after a long natural delivery. And maybe the way it would be to be pregnant with a SECOND baby... but the reality of all of this is so much better than my original picture.

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