Tuesday, November 30, 2010

33 weeks!

33 wk belly

We are so close to our goal! I am so proud of the babies for doing so good and I am so thankful God has allowed my body to keep up to the challenge. Last weekend was for sure not easy, but we got through it! And it worked, I feel next to no contractions and the babies are really active again with moving body parts under my belly all day. I am really thankful that for the most part, I'm still decently comfortable. Of course, sometimes they go in my back and sometimes I can't breathe very well, but its not anything I wouldn't do again :) (Well..I've learned to be careful what you ask for..)

Our Monday scan was great - babies all look great.. fluid good, flow in umbilical cord great, activity and heart rates great. My cervix dropped a little to 1.7 - but no funneling with uterine pressure. Dr. DP says a couple more weeks with this cervix isn't out of the question.

I'm feeling more tired but mentally still pretty good - just have my head down and determined to keep growing them. I'm also really trying to keep my protein up to keep them growing (eating is getting hard because nothing is normal in there). Otherwise, for 33 weeks, we are pretty uneventful and very, very thankful that we are trucking along this far. A side note, a woman in my multiples group just had a scheduled c-section this Monday at 1 day short of 36 weeks.. 3 healthy BIG babies... one was 6 lb 8 oz and other two were both in the 5 lb area. What a miracle and motivation!
33 weeks!!

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