Saturday, July 10, 2010

12 weeks 5 days H O T

Today I had lunch with my girlfriends and was so happy to have the energy to hang out and by myself. They all felt my belly and I got to see and feel Laura's belly too. She has really popped! It's crazy to hear that she went running this morning, stayed up until 3 am and is going to a wedding tonight -- I would DIE. Our pregnancies couldn't be different, but interesting to compare!

Everyone I tell (which I tell everyone that will listen now) doesn't believe I'm having triplets. Most of the time, it's a gasp, big eyes and they ask where they will fit in there? And then just stare at my belly in amazement. But I do love the people that are so truly excited and full of joy for the triple blessing we have! Most of these people are parents and know how much just one can make your heart explode! My heart is growing...because I already love each one of the babies so much... and maybe also because I have 3 x the amount of blood pumping..and I can tell on stairs!

I am really trying to get to my goal of 4000 calories and 200 g of protein. It's hard!! But I've been doing better with fruit and I just add smoothies or juice for calories and feel better. Taking advice from my Twins, Triplets or Quads book given to me by my multiples group, I got up at 4 am to have cereal and milk. According to the multiples guru, you can't ever have enough protein or dairy. And milk is supposed to help with getting calories, calcium and preventing nausea when you wake up.

I feel like my main purpose is to eat and and rest. I am starting to try to enjoy it. The heat really really bothers me and strips me of all my energy right now. Right now I'm in bed naked on the computer because I literally can't cool down from being outside. Next to me is an empty box of Chick Fil A from breakfast - what has happened to me?!

I really can't last for more than a couple hours of shopping or much doing. I turn into a pumpkin and have to lay down.. Even showers are a challenge. I feel bad because I get snappy quick. Poor Scott gets the end of most of that! I go from annoyed to screaming in 5 seconds.

Some things I really like right now to eat -- I'm on to fried chicken! Cheesecake Factory has fried chicken sliders w/ pickles and mayo -- I can dream about them. Chick Fil A has a similar breakfast sandwich (not as good). I liked an everything bagel with herbed cream cheese and chicken at Patachou today and last night when I thought I was going to faint and could feel my glucose hitting the floor, I had to have a steak, mashed potatoes and of course the chicken sliders. I ordered spinach and couldn't touch it.

I'm really ready to get through this week and get the showroom open. I just am not 100% to do it all. I'm doing what I can, but wish I could do more. It's hard on me to not do it all, but this is more important. I am actually going to talk to Dr. Box about medical leave sooner than later so I can actually have a pregnancy!

It's nice to be entering the 2nd trimester. Still some scary things, but I really try to stay excited and steady, rather than worrying about things I don't have control over. The only things I can control is resting, what I'm eating, relieving stress and doing what the Dr. says. I pray my babies are feeling peaceful and growing strong! Right now there head is the size of a grape! Crazy!

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