Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Babies first items

The babies got their first item today...3 little matching giraffe blankets all the way from Aunt Mackenzie in California!

And then mommy way overspent on her first mommy item...a Petunia Pickle Bottom convertible diaper bag. I keep reading and being told that a backpack is the way to go for triplets..but I was having trouble giving up all my coolhood - a minivan and a backpack?? So this one is so stylish and pretty..AND it is glazed so rain and other weird wet spills of which I can't even predict yet, won't ruin it. You can't even see the secret seat belt straps on the back...

Really wanting to know the sexes and check on them again. I think I feel flutters - but also anxious to feel real movement. Finally gave in and took Sudafed because these headaches are probably the worst I have ever had. (just sinus pressure -- like everything else, a product of hormones) The Dr said I could, just still feel weird taking something you have to show your license to buy from behind the counter while you're growing human life.

I have to be careful with my energy spurts...I get going and then realize...better lay down before I really crash. So, still just allowing myself a certain amount of activities (walk from mall door to car while on the phone carrying bags = way out of breath). In other news, I am happy to say I am loving nectarines, plums and strawberries and bananas on my cereal! I am also taking ALL the vitamins and supplements recommended for triplets - vitamins, DHA, iron, Vit C, Vit E, and Calcium Magnesium. All helping us on the road to week 34!

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