Sunday, July 11, 2010

Progress Updated - the first trimester

6 weeks!
8 weeks!
9 weeks!
12 weeks! (10 and 11 not feeling great..forgot pics -oops)
me-8 wks laura - 14 wks

I've done most of my 1st trimester journaling in a real journal! Highlights of our first trimester - pure joy at the news and then a twist of fate brought us even more blessings than we thought! We haven't freaked out that much - mostly feel blessed. We started out with FOUR fertilized eggs -for a girl that thought she could never be pregnant, God proved me wrong! The 4th didn't make it, and I think God knew my body couldn't handle it. I have decided the 4th baby was our sweet babies guardian angel. Not many people get to "meet" their guardian angel, and ours got hand delivered with theirs right by them :)

I walked around in bliss and trying to believe it is actually true for weeks 4-6. And then week 6 came. I remember the first night I thought I could sleep for a year and just curl into a ball and puke my insides out. We had just told my mom and dad and I tried to stuff myself at Scotty's w/ a bison burger. AH! And after that, the days have been challenges. Hard to eat anything except grease and hard to find energy to last through the day. But all worth it! I tried so hard to eat healthy, and one night I gave into McDonalds and haven't looked back since. It's been a lot of burgers, fries, pizza (until I got sick on that - may be a LONG time until I eat pizza or pasta again) and lots and lots of nachos and mexican!

Scott has been the best daddy and husband. He comes to every appointment, always asks me what I need and tells me everyday I look cute and that I"m doing a good job. He is so involved at the ultrasounds and gets so excited to see our babies! When it was in question that we may have 2 instead of 3, Scott ALWAYS believed in that 3rd baby that was a little behind. He had unwavering faith for our triplets and never gave up on that baby. That is how I know he will be the best dad :)

I have felt what I'm pretty sure is movement from the babes! The first one was at 11 weeks and I was sitting in my car eating a McCallisters taco salad -- baby c side felt like a gentle scrap from the inside. Then about a week later, I was eating the SAME salad and camp baby b made the same inner scraping motion. At 12 weeks, Baby B (the crazy mover) made what felt like a serious flip. Come on Baby A, you're next!

The belly pictures are a good memory of looking back at this journey that Scott and I are experiencing. The ultrasounds are images that are just pure miracles -- literally the creation of life that we made together!

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