Thursday, July 22, 2010

Doctors Appts and Skinny Girls - 14 weeks

You really don't know how skinny you are until you are pregnant. Or how well your hips fit in things without smooshing out the top as you squeeze in pants. Lauren said everyone would start looking really skinny, and she was right. Imagine how I felt as I was sitting in the back room today listening to a conversation in the fitting room about how our guest is training for a fitness and body building competition. She was saying how lean she felt and that her calories are really restricted this week, so she was feeling a little "off". As I was listening from behind the curtain, I was eating bbq chicken quesadillas dipped in sour cream in my new size 10 top. That is feeling "off."

We had 2 Dr. appts this week. Monday we saw Dr. Box, our regular obgyn, who I just love! She is motherly but laughs with us, and really listens. I normally feel like it is my responsibility to paint a rosy picture about how I'm feeling, but with her this week I was out in the open about all my fears and worries and became a self proclaimed Debbie Downer. My list had grown since last time and included things like my weird, itchy rash, terrible headaches in the morning and night, weird stomach cramping, an overall feeling of exhaustion living in my back and muscles and of course the reality of the 6 lbs gained in one week.

She reassured me that sinus issues are normal and cause headaches, my back hurts because of my growing everything and that rashes happen with pregnancy. And for the 6 lbs...she thought about it...and maybe she just didn't want to make a pregnant girl cry, but after thinking and looking at my chart she said she wasn't worried. Hmm...but I'm worried. We end our time with her with a note saying due to pregnancy complications I can not return to work until after delivery 1/17/10. You would think I would be fighting for my identity and will to work and be in society and all I can think about is air conditioning, movies and online baby shopping. I am thankful for her executive decision because I know I can't handle the retail hours anymore. And I know these little pumpkins come first. And besides, I have done NOTHING to prepare, and with the threat of possible bed rest, I want to at least have a little nesting time. And deep down, I want to sleep in. Because mornings feel like waking up after spring break in Mexico every morning - so if I can have a few more months of morning sleeping, I will take it. I bet I won't sleep for the next 18 years. So, yeah, disability is just fine starting at 15 weeks.

She sends us to hear the heartbeats and get my cervical length checked. We meet Jodi, the tech and she asks us if we know the sex. We say no, it's too early... and right away she proudly says, "Well I can tell you". Ok, unexpected ultrasound, but of course we will take it. She puts the wand on my belly and we see the three little sections moving in and out. She starts to look at them one by one and all we want to know is about the heartbeats. She said they all look good, so we are relaxed and enjoy just watching them. We love the techs because they always let us watch them play! We see Baby C kick Baby B in the head! And when we are getting Baby A's heartbeat he/she is jumping like it's on a trampoline, so every couple of beats we hear a big VWOOP with the jump. It's so funny, it's like they just figured out how to use their legs. Baby C gets in the normal look at my cute profile pose and Baby B seems a little more calm today.

The tech looks at Baby C -- clear girl. Of course, she cooperates for even this. We are not surprised, we knew she was a girl. On to Baby B.. a little more shy. Jodi probes my belly to try to get it to move. It opens up and ..... she says girl!!! WHAT?!?!! We would have bet that Baby B was a boy with how crazy it moves! At this point, I look at Scott and he is literally sweating down his temples and he is up and pacing. He said later he was more nervous at this point than we he asked me to marry him. I am trying to be the steadfast "I'll love whatever we get..just want them healthy" .. but I too feel sick because 3 girls makes me that nervous. Baby A is curled up and doesn't want to let us peek...but finally, Jodi says she gets a glance of a nub. So we think Baby A is a boy. (Which I have always thought - because Baby A would be the boy and the leader in the front). But really...we are only 14 weeks, so we aren't buying any pink or blues yet..but I will feel really, really good to see at least one penis if I told the truth. Of course, I love them no matter what..

So we leave with 2 really unexpected pieces of news - I am a disabled pregnant woman and we have high chances of paying for 2 weddings within a year of each other in 26 years.

Wednesday is our scheduled ultrasound with Maternal and Fetal Medicine w/ Dr. Dungy-Poythress. I am so excited because my mom and sister are coming to see the babies! My mom has never seen an ultrasound, so it will be really cool for her to see!! Jessica comes too, which I think is cool, I would have maybe been freaked out to see that when I was 20! We meet Steve and Katie and the kids at what we call the fat buffet (Pizza Hut buffet) and I feel really pregnant as I hover over the buffet waiting for taco pizza.

We get to the Dr's and of course we are lost. We find the office and wait to go back. We meet Dr. Dungy-Poythress and I'm not sure what we are supposed to talk about. It's sort of awkward because I'm not sure if she wants to answer any questions about pregnancy or just get down to business with the ultrasound. So I let her just do the ultrasound. We see all three and we get to hear each heartbeat. She pointed out each baby's spine, stomach, bladder and diaphragm. She says the fluid looks great and they all look wonderful. Great news! The ultrasound with the audience is a little boring because she moves through so quickly and takes a lot of pictures, which means we didn't get to see much playing or moving :( I feel bad they didn't get a very good show - but they were excited to see them and I'm glad they got to meet them! She also checks my cervix and it measures around 5! Which is still really good - so for now - babies, mama and cervix are all looking good! I pray it continues!

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