Friday, July 30, 2010

15 wks 4 days

Registered yesterday w/ Katie, Lauren, Ella and Grayson :) For some reason this was way more fun and fulfilling than the wedding registry...just because you picture your little loves in all these cute things. Pregnancy brings many hormones, and one of them must be "all of a sudden pack and plays are so exciting" hormone.

We were there over 2 hours and I felt a little out of control with the gun as I was scanning 3 of most things and 24 of some things like bottles and burp rags. Very helpful to have my little helpers and Scott was the most relieved ever to get out of this duty.
We made it literally the whole way around the store and were in the last aisle looking at monitors and that's where the last straw broke. I had done pretty good keeping up until I fell backwards into what I thought was big box on a shelf, but the shelf was empty, so my balance put me on the floor. We are all laughing so hard until all of a sudden my neck got really hot and my laughs turned into serious tears. I couldn't breathe. So weird.

So in the last few days I have cried over falling, listening to the song "Bitch", when I couldn't find my car in the Target parking lot and while watching Bethenny getting married (which I'm watching right now loving that she is waddling on her honeymoon and hating her for being in her own private pool in St Barts - I need my own private pool).

Today I had a sharp pain in my right upper side that freaked me out. I feel like such a loser to call the doctor all the time, but today I just felt totally off all day. They got me in just to tell me it's probably just my stomach being pushed up and the extra gas that progesterone makes you produce. I did get to hear each and every healthy heartbeat which always makes me feel better. This is the first time I hear them w/out an ultrasound and it's cool because you hear them moving all around in there too!

Monday is the big reveal and confirmation of these babies sexes!

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