Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 13 - A Blur!

My first real week in the 2nd trimester was such a blur because of opening the store. It happened to be the busiest week Scott has ever had since I met him, so needless to say life outside of work was pure chaos. At the end of the week, the sink and house were full of dishes (mostly plates from my addiction to colby jack nachos w/ sour cream) and about every room in the house had an article of clothing from when I got hot and took it off.

I didn't enter the much talked about glory land of the 2nd trimester, and felt pretty yucky and tired, but was able to get up everyday and go get the store ready. The 95-100 degree heat is rough on me, but I've been good about a lot of water...which means I should just move in the bathroom. I have been getting bad headaches in the am an pm and wake up with totally blocked sinuses. But I also get images in mind of holding a sweet little warm body to my chest and it makes all that yuck go away.

The showroom opened successfully and it was so much fun to talk to mommies and pregnant people coming in the store about the babies. The fun part about being pregnant is that you instantly have a bond with anyone that is pregnant or has ever been pregnant. Most people still stare at me like I should be laid up in bed and not allowed in public. But occasionally, I meet people that have had triplets or a friend who has triplets and I feel better because they share stories about making it to 35 weeks or about how skinny their girlfriend is because she breast-fed her triplets.

The weekend killed me from either standing or sitting on a hard bar stool. I kept thinking my cervix was opening and the babies were suffering. But I made it through. I don't know if I have ever been so tired, but I made it and it was enough proof for me that I can't push myself. Not worth it! I've barely made it out of bed since Saturday night.

My belly has really popped and my friends that saw me this weekend couldn't believe the change in one week. My belly pop is for sure attracting a lot more hands to it ... which I don't mind - it makes me feel less fat all over if someone is focusing on the area that is supposed to be growing.

Speaking of, I think I can back down from 4000 calories (not that I ever got there in one day), but I did gain SIX POUNDS in one week. Scary...where is all that weight? I know it's not the babies...

I still haven't totally connected that we will actually have three little real life babies in our arms (and many other arms) in less than 6 months..probably less than 5 months. This week I was waiting in line for the bathroom and heard a mom and her son in the stall as he was trying to go to the bathroom. She was SO frustrated with him because he was whining and wanted to take ALL his clothes off to go to the bathroom. She was telling him through her teeth he doesn't need to take his shirt and socks and all his clothes all the way off to potty...and he wasn't having it. It was one of those moments that hit me. It hit me because I would have 3 times that, and it also reminded me of what we are actually doing all this for! For little personalities and big hearts that sometimes make you mad and mostly make you smile. And then I can get excited and not focus so much on my headaches, weird appetite and feeling sorry for myself for not being able to workout.

Another moment happened this weekend that hit me in a weird way - maybe just a pregnant state - but regardless, was a moment. I was leaving the showroom after we closed around 7:30 to drop by my friend Ang's bachelorette party. I was in Broad Ripple on my way, and still dressed in pants that give me muffin top and a lime green lululemon top that made my belly look like it had spotlights on it. I felt so exhausted and couldn't believe I was going to go to a bachelorette party where I would really feel like an outcast. But it wasn't the party that got to me. It was the fact that Broad Ripple brew fest had just let out...and I was in bumper to bumper traffic of cabs, drunk people trying to drive and even more drunk people thinking they were walking in straight lines. There was actually a drunk girl passed out by a stop sign and another girl in the street directing traffic. As I sat in stopped traffic in the extreme heat, I realized that life would never be a carefree afternoon of getting drunk, hanging on my friends and Scott and walking to get pizza and pass out until the morning came. And I cried. I cried because I was sad for those days, happy for the days to come and probably just because I felt like crying. Ahh...those pregnant moments. I do love them!

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