Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The start of 15 weeks

I did a little better - only gained 4 lbs this past week. Man...still not something I would ever feel normal about.

My energy is for sure really picking up - but it has pockets of time. I crash pretty fast. But I'm really feeling out of the fog of just surviving and feeling like an active participant in being pregnant and loving it. I get so happy walking around and thinking about it all!

I actually started to research strollers, car seats and sleeping arrangements. Although I learned to do this through the info from my moms of multiples group - because even if your are innocently googling what to have triplets sleep in when they first come home, you will run across a post that makes you mad or worry. And it may lead to a you tube video of the birth of triplets. And it may lead to you clicking on more you tube videos...until you are crying because the babies all have tubes and are 3 lbs. So, Scott talked me off the ledge and I am back on track to having positive images and thoughts about our babies and enjoying the list making for a registry.

My belly is looking more like a bump and I have been rubbing the best belly balm ever on my belly every day - (I will call it a true miracle if I get out of this journey with no stretch marks..but worth the try). I guess it's what Heidi Klum used and of my pilates instructor friends gave it to me - it smells and feels like a spa - it's the highlight of my day and is motivation to actually shower so I can use it after (sad, I know)

Although I am feeling energy boosts, I still crash and am moving slower by the day. I also have learned not to judge. I used to judge people eating fast food, and now I have been one of them. I used to think drive-through windows were for lazy people...and today as it was 95 and we had no water filter at home, I was wishing that Walgreens not only had a RX drive-through, but a window to just buy bottled water. In fact, I think everybody should have a drive through.

Otherwise, things are going great. Showers are getting planned and we are getting closer to knowing the confirmed sex. It all feels so fast...so I'm trying to be extra careful to rest and be nice to the team...so we can get to that goal - December 6th!!!!

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