Friday, August 6, 2010

16 weeks 5 days

Settling in for yet another summer nap with the blinds closed so I don't know it's sunny and nice outside. I'm watching the Baby Story, which is really against my rule of no watching The Baby Story..but I can't help it! It makes me so excited to cuddle our little loves.

Last night was my 2nd multiples group. I LOVE going. It is like rocketfuel for me. I came home last night and Scott thought I was drunk I was so excited. I just feel like I got picked for the right kickball team and love how normal they are all. I leave feeling like I am supermom and nothing can stop me from raising these 3 lives. I love seeing pictures of real life, healthy triplets and meeting other GGB combos! Makes it real! How encouraging is it that all of these woman have trips (2 of them have quads!) and they all are able to get out,have a martini, look great, bring homemade appetizers and are actually sane and cool? Oh...and as I drove up thinking the whole block would be minivans...I noticed Escalades, Honda Pilots and other "normal" cars...I learned from everyone - you gotta have your "getaway car" ...hmmm...I'll take a convertible. Other tidbit, everyone agreed, if the trio is crazy, remove one and all will be peaceful. The other thing I learned from the party (really not that important)- I love chocolate covered pretzels with caramel. Somebody made those turtles w/ rolos,m&ms and pretzels..babies like! (I'll blame on them)
This is my craving of the week. Yum. Finally a sweet!

This week has been great. My energy is up and I feel healthy from my swims. Have had lots of fruit and veggies. Ella and I had a movie date and lunch (although my eyes were heavier and bladder was fuller than a 7 yr old), and I had a lunch date w/ my friends and a nails date with Melissa! I give myself an activity a day. I am reminded from all the mommies to continue to take it easy, drink lots of water and to rest even if I don't feel like it. So back to my snoogle pillow, water and a baby story..

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