Tuesday, August 3, 2010

16 weeks - Confirming our Fate

We had our 16 week anatomy check with Dr. Dungy-Poythress yesterday. This is where they check all the body parts...measure the head for roundness (if shaped like a lemon, could mean spinal issues), check for the 4 chambers of the heart, and look at the stomach, diaphragm, kidneys, spine and brain. All looked great on each baby. AND....not that we cared about this :) .. but it was confirmed that we have 2 girlies and a little man :)

Sort of weird to already know...and I think I'm still trying to process the information. I just keep thinking, how weird I know exactly where each baby is located and every ultrasound we get to know the babies a little more. We had a lot of play time with them today...the techs always let us just watch them play and move around. Both the tech and Dr. said our babies are very active - which is great to hear! New pictures of the munchkins below. Mama is off to swim (only semi exercise Dr. Box is allowing me...and NOT for much longer!) and to finish some more registering at Target. Oh..and I will probably regret sharing this...but I've gained a whopping 27 lbs. That is so scary. But Dr. Box wants me to have that weight...and she keeps reminding me...you will be fit and strong again, the babies just need you now. (The benefits of a doctor that has had triplets living in her belly, she remembers the feeling of fear as your body goes from lean to mean in 16 weeks)

Baby pics and updates in next post (zoom in on your computer - the pics are tiny!) There is a pic of each baby's profile, face and boy or girl part :)

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