Saturday, August 28, 2010

Last lap of the 4th month...

Monday we will be 20 weeks, or 5 months! Part of me feels like 10 weeks and the other part feels like 40 weeks. But overall, I feel so great. I feel my best if I get a swim in and if I eat something of meaty or other form of substance every 2 hours. (Sleeping isn't exempt from the hunger monster, so sleeping is getting harder - especially w/ the most restless and crampy legs. I sold varicose vein treatment - but never knew why people got laser treatment for venous flow and reflux until now). Thankful for my nerdy compression hose right now.

The movement is getting a little more real in my mind. Baby A or B is actually kicking or something everyday and I feel rumbling sort of all over throughout the day. I love feeling anything in there - the movement of life has to be the best part of being pregnant. Especially now where they are still moving so gently and sweetly and not karate kicking my ribs!

I woke up at 4 am staring at the clock and imagining what it will be like to feed not only my hungry stomach and mouth, but to feed three innocent little birds!

It's Saturday morning and we are both up before 7 am - (me because I am so hungry I feel like I just ran a marathon and Scott because his head spins every morning w/ what he says is work and where we will live, etc .. and I know he's probably just grabbing the "oh shit" handles in his head every morning thinking about providing for the Hackman 5. )He continues to amaze me and remind me that I did a good job picking my hubby and father of my kids. He surprised me w/ flowers and a card this week and stayed home from what could have been a last freedom trip w/ the guys to Vegas because he said he didn't want to leave "us" :)

I just have to make note that I had my first dream about having a baby born w/ a full set of teeth. He also was talking and acting like a 20 year old. I had a huge milk supply (bonus!) but was drowning the baby in milk and he was biting me back. Ah! I hope things go smoother than this dream! I must only dream about one baby at a time...last night was all boy! But those dreams make you so excited because you wake up with that feeling of "that was my baby!"

We are off to eat breakfast w/ the senior citizens and drive around and try to guess where the best neighborhood to raise triplets is...

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