Tuesday, August 3, 2010

End of 15 Weeks - Our Village

Our 15th week ended with being surrounded by lots of our loving family and friends -- many of the members of the village for our babies. (not the whole village...but most!)

It's amazing that simple stuff like picking up a cake, decorating and showering will already zap my energy before even getting to Scott's birthday party - but it does! But Scott's surprise 40th ended up being perfect and he was so surprised and happy. He was so emotional when we walked in...and he was so confused - he thought it was a surprise for a baby shower :) So many of our great friends were there to support him. And so many smiling faces and hands rubbing my belly...we are blessed. I lasted until almost midnight - which was really borderline turing into a pumpkin for me. My belly felt heavy tonight and everyone couldn't stop staring at what has become a very visible uterus. As long as they are staring at my belly and not elsewhere...

Sunday was brunch with some of our family and we loved having Miles, Ella and Cohen and Colsen running around our house. The pod already have such loving cousins waiting to be their friends and grandmas and grandpas waiting to love them.

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