Tuesday, August 17, 2010

18 wk appt

Yesterday's appointment, although long, boring and made me really sleepy - was all really good news! I am SO thankful for boring and uneventful weeks and appointments. That has been my prayer... no news = good news.

Got a 3rd confirmation it's 2 girls and a little man. They really have grown (we didn't get weight) but the tech traced along my belly where each little head started up to their butt and it's pretty much my whole midsection. They look a little more cramped, but Dr. Dungy said we have really active babies - so that is good! They had their hearts checked again, and although wouldn't stay still for good pictures, all hearts and valves looked great! Baby A, although isn't allowed to come down that birth canal, is doing the right thing and has turned his little precious head down towards the cervix. So now his butt is about halfway up my right side (which explains the hardness I keep feeling on my right side -- so weird to feel body parts!) and his sister, Baby B, has her feet on his butt and her head meets her sister's head, Baby C, right below my belly button. Baby C wraps around and her feet are towards Baby A. So they are making a perfect circle in there... and are making it really interesting for mama, as they are all favoring my mid section over to the right side with the heavy body parts! Scott is in awe of what is in there and he always tells me "good job babe" , like I did something really hard, at the end of an u/s :)

Still no karate kicks, but lots of wavy feelings and slight undefined feelings in there. I saw a NP this week, so no major timeline updates - but my cervix is still around a length of 5 and doesn't change at all w/ pressure (they press on your uterus to mimic a contraction to see if your cervix changes). No swelling and my blood pressure is great! So I just have to keep up with my rest and keep doing what I'm doing! I added iron supplements back in today - I have seen HUGE difference in energy and how I feel since mine ran out - I CRAVE red meat again. I think it's true, those little people take what they need and leave mama to fend for herself.

All in all I have been feeling good - just have had some weird revisits with feeling sick this week. I puked today when Scott kissed me goodbye w/ his cologne on! My meals are much more successful if small because if it's too big it will live in my throat. Current happy food ..still loving oatmeal if from a packet :), fruit and yogurt and loving anything grilled cheese and have had a couple killer brownies - its like pregnancy makes those brownies taste better than ever! Still don't love ice cream..I'm not giving up on you ice cream...I know I will love you again.

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