Thursday, August 12, 2010

17 weeks and 4 days - Babymooners

Last year Italy and Paris ... this year, Southern Indiana. Oh how life changes with the good news!

Since everything is on super speed with this pregnancy, Scott and I went this week on a few day trip that served as our last getaway together, aka, babymoon. I can see where the baby moon comes into play - it's like your honeymoon because it's the two of you, but you spend most of your time talking about names, overeating (I have a new love for buffets) and talking about plans for the babies. It's a lot less romantic, but still fun because Scott and I had a lot of fun just being away from home and reflecting on the 3 years of marriage that we have been blessed with, and how fitting we get 3 babies in our 3rd year. It was in the high 90s and a heat index of over 100 everyday, so I couldn't do much but swim and, again, eat..but we slipped in a few massages and a steak dinner, so some of it felt reminiscent of our normal vacations. Overall, it was good and I think I grew everyday. But I was able to eat most anything I wanted without feeling sick and not a single headache (even ate ice cream again!). Maybe the cutest thing is watching Scott tell everyone that will listen we are having triplets. I can always tell it's coming, and I just wait for the stare. I think the whole town of French Lick knew! He is a good daddy to be. The nicest thing he has said to me was yesterday when I said, "Do I look like a huge person in your wife's body?" He said - "No, I just look at you and feel proud". Made every pound feel beautiful.

One thing I learned -- those things that you used to do when you weren't pregnant, and you would see a pregnant girl at and think "wow, I wouldn't do that if I was pregnant" and then you get pregnant and do it anyways...follow your initial thought of "don't do." All I have to say is an outdoor Reds game on the way home yesterday in a heat index of 115 with no real escape to AC is a very very bad idea. I was scared I was cooking the babies and was so thankful when the rains came in the 7th inning...Thank God.

We have been talking a lot about names know that we know the combo. We aren't sharing names...there has to be some tradition and privacy in this pregnancy ... but we are close to settling on 6 names. Unbelievable!

I have to say this week is the most energy I've had the whole pregnancy. I almost feel antsy like running around the neighborhood. But I won't :) No major aches or pains and don't feel huge and swollen in the heat. I have noticed I have to use my arms to get up from reclined positions because my abs aren't as strong and the growing belly works against getting up. No idea what I weigh - I just wait for the doctor to weigh me - I get too mad. I think I've gained more than any 17 weeker ever. I look at pictures of girls at 30 weeks and thats how big I look.

We bought our first outfits for the trio - premie and newborn sizes! So cute, little tiny pink leopard and blue and brown. We stopped at the Carters Outlet and had crossed eyes at all the babies and kids in there. We have no idea what we are doing. So we just bought 2 girly onesie sets and 1 boyish onesie set and a few white onesies and left. They look like I am going to dress my dolls! I wish I had a nursery to put them in, but we are still waiting on that offer for our house! So no nursery plans yet...I do love gray and yellow - but no real plans yet.

Still no real kicks or solid movements - just lots of flutter feelings. It almost feels like a really faint drop in my belly like on a roller coaster. It's so faint, and mostly comes from my right side (Baby B) -- so not really sure what it is. I'm ready to feel them!

Off to make homemade pizza - I am so happy to be able to cook again!

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