Tuesday, August 3, 2010

16 weeks pictures and stories

Baby A - (top left)our little man. Daddy is soo happy to see that boy part! He is smooshed by his sisters and spends most of his time in a ball. He was not shy about showing off his boy parts...and he even found his boy parts with his hands while we were watching- oh no! He weighs 5 ozs and has a heartbeat of 147

Baby B - (2nd pic from top) the mover of the group. We really thought she was a boy - but nope, she is a she! Girl parts look like 3 little white lines (they call it a hamburger) and it was clear! She and her brother are best buds and they always are touching and cuddling. I put in a picture of them both sucking their thumbs and cuddling. So cute :) She was moving her mouth like crazy -- she already had something to say! She weighs 5 oz and has a heartbeat of 150

Baby C - (3rd pic down)Oh our little diva. She has always clearly been a girl to us. Gives us her pretty lips and nose profile shot every time. She doesn't seem to need the cuddles her bro and sis do and she sprawls out with her legs out straight and lounging...(other babies always in a ball!) She squirms a lot, but seems a little more calm. She is also the piggie - she weighs 6 oz (1 more oz than 2 others) and has a heartbeat of 152

Baby A and B cuddles - (bottom pic)

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