Wednesday, August 25, 2010

19 weeks and hungry

The past week, thankfully, has been pretty uneventful. A few hormonal ups and downs and a few visits back to that 1st trimester yuck, but overall, great energy and I still get around pretty good. That's the hard part, I think I am Miss Energy and have to remember I can only run one or two errands, not 5 or 6. Today I was at the mall and had no shame to plop down in the middle of Von Maur like the old men do and listen to the piano player in the comfy chairs. I had to! Along with snacking on the peanut m&m's in my purse for energy. (I figure it's protein)

Still love being in the pool - I feel lightweight and sort of still like an athlete because I can move around and use muscles.

My appetite, somehow, has gone up. I have to eat some sort of protein (like McD's cheeseburger works nicely) right before bed or I will be up between 4-7 am starving and not able to sleep. I can eat salads and fruit and good stuff again, but still need red meat. I am so disgusted at the amount I have been consuming steaks and burgers. Although, I really failed at my opp to be a preggo overeating at the state fair. It was so hot I couldn't even think about anything fried. I only had corn and a grilled cheese...yep, I failed miserably.

Sleep is getting pretty restless because I can't get comfy and my legs started to get really achy over the last week from all that blood flow. For some reason, my fav and most comfy time to sleep is from 7 am - 9:30 am -- poor Scott has to watch me sleep every morning. But as always, he is supportive and calls mid morning to check on me and tells me how glad he is I get to rest and be at home.

Next checkup is next week! All seems to be good for now! How sad we had a huge dinner w/ Grandma and Grandpa McKean 2 hrs ago and I am already thinking about my leftover filet as a bedtime snack....

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