Friday, September 10, 2010

21 wk pics and our 1st shower!

Look at that belly! No stretch marks - fingers crossed! How am I staying so busy while mostly resting and not working?Not sure..but in the past 2 days I have..

1)Gone to the Dr. to check fetal heartbeats (went to lunch with a friend who told a terrible story that I won't even share in the case you are reading and expecting a baby, it stuck with me and lack of movement from little girl B put me into a fortunately, I love my Dr.'s office and they would probably ultrasound me every day if I asked) Outcome = great heartbeats/ babies getting kicked in the head from sister and cervix dropped to 3.9 from 4.1. Nothing to get concerned about...just time to get serious about resting,resting,resting! My uterus measured 32 the picture reflects!!

2) Paid a visit to new triplets in our multiples group! 10 wks old (1 wk adjusted - due date was 9/2) So sweet and not overwhelming at all! Same combo as us - GGB..the boy was about 8 lbs and girls were around 6 lbs. They eat every 3 hrs, and feedings are 1 1/2 hrs. Yes, we will be a milk feeding factory around here!

3) Hit up Happy Hour.... AT STEAK AND SHAKE!! $1.50 shakes 2-4 pm. What a deal.

4) Scott and I went to our 1st shower! Scott's office and co-workers are angels!! Soooo many diapers and wipes and other goodies - can't wait to put those little bums in those diapers! We are so thankful! We have also started to get boxes on our front door step with sweet little baby items. This is more fun than our wedding! Look at the diaper cake Karen Fanning, our dear friend, made for us below. Scott is next to our tower of diapers w/ his gift...depends :)

4) And this may top the list...after days of eating out (ending last night w/ Steak and Shake, not proud) I needed a "home cooked meal". So, I woke up and went to MCL Cafeteria and literally sat in a dining room alone reading Happiest Baby on the Block, but not all alone - there were 2 buses of local senior citizen living! I am not too cool to admit I loved the soft music and plate of chicken, roll and broccoli w/ cheese like you got in elementary. I may go back. It was pleasant and I will no longer judge anyone for anything :)

Baby girl is kicking away today...thankfully. Wouldn't have ever guessed how comforting little mice feet running around inside would ever be! We have our multiples class tomorrow!! 10 am - 3 pm (I think the person who planned this has NOT had multiples -- I will need a nap and at least 2 meals during class...

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