Monday, September 13, 2010

Music to the Babies Ears

Instead of watching TV all day everyday, I've been trying to get in some meditation and music time with the babies. A lot can float in your head while you're not really doing anything...but I am committed to giving these little birds a peaceful and relaxing environment. So I play music, sing to them and read books and will even do some of my modified yoga stretches. (Yoga, I so miss you)

I know classical music is the preferred choice for in-utero enjoyment, however - my little kicker (still waiting on the other 2 to get up to speed and kick through their placenta obstacle) loves Elton John, Paul Simon and any version of Hallelujah. And it makes mama happy.

Music relaxes those roller coaster hormonal anxieties and makes me move on and forgot about those things like anxiety over our couples shower this weekend (I am so excited, but always get anxious about showers because I don't like to burden people with all the big shower planning entails). Or how I opted to not get a chicken pox vaccination because "who get's that anymore" and now, while I'm pregnant, there is an Indianapolis chicken pox outbreak. Or how downright sad it was to see all the brutal realities and possible things that can go wrong with multiples at my multiples class. They really need to advertise this class as "COME LEARN ABOUT EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE THING YOU SHOULD WORRY ABOUT" because seeing a 24 wk old tiny little baby in the NICU when you are 22 weeks doesn't settle well with hormones. Those little babies aren't cooked and it makes your heart ache for their innocence and trust in all that is coming their way. Thank goodness Scott saved the day and took me to Bob Evans that night after that class (I am really into places where the food tastes homemade and the crowd is my speed because most are over 70). As I told him in our wedding vows 3 years ago, he does and always will make my crazy sane.

But with all of that, I can still choose to stay positive and relax everyday knowing I am doing all that I have control over to get these babies to 34+ weeks. At least my job satisfaction is high these days.

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